The dollar is going down in 2024 – 3 reasons why


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  • 2023 has seen the BRICS bloc be unabashed in its quest to lessen international reliance on the US dollar. Analysts propose these 3 things as a way for BRICS de-dollarization plans to be fast-tracked in 2024. 
  • The BRICS economic alliance recently welcomed 6 new countries to join its cause at its 2023 annual summit. 
  • The performance of the US dollar is the key reason why the BRICS bloc may expect de-dollarization to advance in 2024; “tighter interest rates will finally catch up with the US economy next year,” preceding its decline. 

The prominent bloc group of top nations dedicated to releasing financial independence, BRICS, has been recently quoted noting 3 reasons that might fister de-dollarization endeavors. The group comments that the efforts might be on a fast track till next year. BRICS has been noted to aim its focus on reducing the influential power on global finance by the United States Dollar. 

The group has showcased its intentions clearly as day, and the regions favoring these efforts fully and even recorded certain milestones this year include Russia and China. Local currencies are preferred for external and internal trades within the nation, and all this aims at lessening the resilience of the US Dollar. The group also commented on various reasons that might push their actions on de-dollarization even further. 

BRICS explained 3 reasons pushing for de-dollarization into 2024

The bloc group BRICS has been adamant about its focus on lessening the international resilience of the US Dollar even as it intends to edify its reach. It is also noted that the bloc has endeavored to reach new heights from its local currency announcement that is coming up next year. BRICS explains three plans that would fasten their de-dollarization efforts in 2024. 

During its 2023 annual summit, the bloc welcomed six new nations to join its alliance focused on bettering their economies. The greenback prominence is set to be eliminated as the bloc is set to combine with other factors that could also equate to significant milestones taken in the overall focus on de-dollarization. 

These efforts first begin with potential stepbacks that await cryptocurrencies. The primary reason is based on the performance of the USD that could advance the blocs’ effort in 2024. 

Dollar fall reasons that set up BRICS for success

A report by the ING analyst recently discussed expectations that the prominent currency would be stepping back in the coming year and would be in favor of the BRICS group. The report noted, “tighter interest rates will finally catch up with the US economy next year,” preceding its decline. 

Moreover, they stated that a potential US recession would begin the “dollar’s long goodbye.” Moreover, this opportunity has provided a unique timeframe for the bloc to see through its plans for local currency.  

Another analyst, Chris Turner, the Head of Markets at Global, also commented that 2024 will pave the way for crypto and overtake the greenback. Turner added his reviews, “We think 2024 will be a year in which currencies and the rest of the world can break after being dominated by the strong dollar trend for so long.”

The bloc announced its hopes of expanding its presence by inviting economic giants like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia and developing countries like Egypt and Ethiopia.  A similar landmark might be made in the 2024 summit as Russia intends to host the event. 

The BRICS currency is set to be announced then, and its arrival would also add to their de-dollarization efforts that could be successful in the long run. The bloc has discussed the currency’s benefit that would be a premiere chance for global development into the group’s economic stand. 

These reasons are based on the de-dollarization efforts being founded on both currency arrival and dollar performance and its expansion that has been made official this year. The listed countries were the only invited nations, and next year, their invitations into the bloc will be made official. 

As such, further positive strides in their vision will be made, putting the group closer to successfully reducing the USD global influence on finance and economic status. The combination of these developments could keep shifting the global perception of the dominant currency. 

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