The Best Late-Game Champion for LOL Players


  • Aurelion Sol has become a dominant late-game champion in “League of Legends” after his February 2023 rework.
  • His Singularity ability and Stardust mechanic allow him to execute enemies at long range, making him uniquely powerful.
  • This shift in his capabilities could influence the game’s meta, especially if longer match durations become more common.

In the “League of Legends (LoL) ” champions often rise and fall, shaping the game’s meta with their unique abilities and strategic value. Among the myriad of champions, a new king of the late game has emerged, commanding attention and respect from the player community. Following a significant rework in February 2023, Aurelion Sol has ascended to unparalleled late-game power, redefining the dynamics of prolonged matches.

Aurelion Sol’s rising dominance in LoL

A recent Reddit discussion on November 27 highlighted a consensus among players: in matches crossing the two-hour mark, Aurelion Sol stands as the ultimate threat. This agreement among the LoL gaming community marks a notable shift in the perception of late-game champions. Nasus, once considered a formidable contender, has been overshadowed by the celestial dragon’s newfound might.

The mechanics of power

The core of Aurelion Sol’s late-game supremacy lies in his revamped ability, the Singularity. This skill allows him to conjure a black hole that not only grants vision but also inflicts damage based on his total Ability Power (AP). The defining aspect of the Singularity is its execution potential. Enemies below a specific health threshold fall prey to its lethal force, a feature augmented by the accumulation of Stardust.

Stardust, integral to Aurelion Sol’s arsenal, is amassed through consistent ability damage on enemies. The stacks of Stardust exponentially increase his late-game capabilities in LoL. For instance, reaching approximately 3650 stacks enables execution of enemies at full health. Coupled with the Singularity’s extensive range, this mechanism transforms Aurelion Sol into a relentless predator in protracted engagements.

Comparing the Champions

While champions like Senna, Nasus, and Sion, known for their infinite stacking abilities, remain potent in the late game, Aurelion Sol’s distinct advantage lies in his range in LoL. This unparalleled reach, combined with his execution ability, positions him a notch above his counterparts. His presence on the battlefield commands a strategic reconsideration from opponents, particularly in matches that stretch beyond usual durations.

The shifting meta and Aurelion Sol’s place

The emergence of Aurelion Sol as a dominant late-game force poses intriguing possibilities for the game’s meta. A shift toward longer games could see him becoming a more prevalent pick, compelling players and teams to adapt their strategies accordingly. As the landscape of League of Legends (LoL) continually evolves, so does the calculus of champion selection, with Aurelion Sol now a pivotal figure in the late-game scenario in LoL.

The reworked Aurelion Sol has not only captured the imagination of the “League of Legends” community but also altered the strategic fabric of the game. His rise to late-game supremacy serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of the game, where changes can usher in new eras of power and strategy. As players and enthusiasts continue to navigate these changes, Aurelion Sol’s celestial might will undoubtedly be a key factor in the unfolding saga of “League of Legends.”

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