The best guide to finding top crypto casinos you can place bets on

Thousands of online casinos like Bitcasino and Sportsbet are ready and competing to provide amazing gambling experiences to players worldwide. However, some will be better than others, and you should only pay attention to the best sites to ensure you get the best service possible. 

If you’re new to crypto gambling, then there are a lot of elements that you need to know. Here’s a guide that will help you learn all the crucial factors in the industry and how to choose the top crypto casinos for a worthwhile experience. 

What are crypto casinos?

Before knowing what makes a site the top crypto casino, you must know what it is. Casinos, in general, are places or sites where you play gambling games. This refers to physical and digital mediums, each called brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos, respectively. Both of them need to operate under government regulations. 

Brick-and-mortar casinos will require you to visit their venue to play their games, where the currency you need to use is usually limited to the local currency. If you want to use cryptocurrency, then opt for online casinos because these support digital assets and online payments. 

Even if you can use their services using blockchain’s borderless payment system, the best crypto casinos are licensed to operate in your country. This ensures they can cater to your needs through customer services and remain available for as long as possible. 

Benefits of playing at online crypto casinos

Playing at online crypto casinos offers plenty of benefits compared to fiat gaming sites or brick-and-mortar gambling houses. Here are some to name a few and why they are essential to a gambler’s overall experience: 

  • Security of blockchain technology

Security is the most important feature for any service using real money. In this case, blockchain technology protects its native tokens using a powerful encryption system called ‘cryptography’ that makes hacking impossible. Thus, you can always be confident that your deposit and withdrawals are safe.

  • Volatility of cryptocurrencies

Crypto traders buy and sell cryptocurrencies to profit from their volatility. Traditionally, this just means the holder needs to wait for a favourable market before selling it for a markup. With crypto gambling, you can let it grow by playing games, so you’ll have more to sell once the wait is over. Your winnings are essentially crypto you earn by playing rather than buying. 

  • Convenience provided by the internet

The internet’s best feature is its accessibility with today’s WiFi and data technology. It helped many businesses rise from the ground up, improving multiple industries simultaneously. Crypto casinos and their gamblers are among the many enjoyers of this benefit. Thus, you can play your favourite games of chances while on the go or in the comfort of your home. 

  • Anonymity for your expenses

Crypto casinos are similar to fiat-only casinos except for one aspect: anonymity. Most banks and payment option providers require users to follow a know-your-customer (KYC) protocol. This includes giving sensitive information like name, address, and bank details. 

Crypto doesn’t need KYC because the blockchain identifies you by your wallet address only. Casinos will still ask for your contact information but only for account recovery. Otherwise, you can provide an email or phone number that doesn’t hold your personal information. 

  • Fast and cost-effective transactions

Fiat is becoming less efficient for users’ banking, and conversion fees are increasing. Crypto offers a cheaper alternative because its blockchain technology directly sends payments to recipients’ addresses. This is thanks to networks’ peer-to-peer (P2P) systems, which make cross-border payments easier for casinos with an international market. 

Popular cryptocurrencies used in crypto casinos

The blockchain market continues growing, and crypto casinos are among the first to adopt them. Most gambling websites have shown to mutually accept a handful of digital assets. Here are some of the most popular kinds of cryptocurrencies and a gist of what makes them popular for casinos:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the easiest one to explain because it’s the most valuable digital asset in the market. It is also the first of its kind, as its launch in 2009 kicked off the whole crypto trend to escalate to the way it is today. 

While there is an issue regarding how expensive each BTC is, it’s solved by casinos accepting its lower denomination. You can use it in milli Bitcoin (mBTC) in most casinos and micro Bitcoin (µBTC) in some. 

  • Ethereum (ETH) 

If BTC is credited for starting the crypto craze, then Ethereum is responsible for making the modern model of decentralised finance/DeFi viable. Many blockchain projects rely on its network for interoperability. Ethereum also introduced smart contracts to crypto transactions. Many casinos rely on it to keep deposits and withdrawals more consistent and reliable. 

  • Tether (USDT)

Tether is a stablecoin where every USDT equals a United States dollar with minimal deviation. Thus, it’s easy for many businesses or banks to accept it as payment, while cross-border uses are as cheap as other crypto. Another exciting part about USDT is that many crypto casinos give it away as a promotional prize. 

  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

The previous ones are the top three in terms of crypto casino support, while Dogecoin follows closely. It was a meme coin or blockchain project that started as a joke, but it eventually grew in popularity due to the persistence of its fans. 

Now, it’s recognised as an officially acceptable mode of payment in various well-known companies and online casinos. On top of that, DOGE is also cheap, making it one of the best accessible crypto in the market. 

  • Ripple (XRP)

XRP is one of the cheapest cryptos in the market, but its Ripple Network isn’t made to be a replacement for banking like its contemporaries. Instead, it aims to aid international banking. That’s why it’s so popular among corporations and banking systems, making it a great investment for foreign exchange (ForEx) traders.

  • Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is a Bitcoin fork, giving it many similar functionalities for people familiar with BTC. Thus, it’s easy for casinos to support one when they already have the other. For users, it’s appealing because it’s cheaper to sell for a more accessible price range. LTC is also among the most liquid digital assets, making it easy to sell your winnings if you use it for betting. 

Managing cryptocurrency transactions at crypto casinos

A reliable online crypto casino can give you all the support you need as a patron of its services. However, if you don’t have an account manager yet (exclusive to VIPs), then you will have to control your finances personally. Here are some strategies you can apply to manage your transactions at crypto casinos and gamble responsibly:

  • Limit your regular top-ups to a weekly or bi-monthly basis

Money will come and go from your casino account regularly. However, if you want to keep a healthy gambling practice, try limiting your deposits to only once a week or every other week. Doing so ensures that you don’t spend too much to the point of ending up at a loss. Many reload bonuses are also only available once a week, so keeping them weekly means you’ll claim them. 

  • Set a time limit for your daily game sessions

This practice balances your daily schedule in your game sessions. Some games can be so fun that you lose track of time, ruining your plans for the rest of the day. Limitations are especially crucial for a busy work schedule.

  • Use a bankroll management system for any game

A bankroll management system is a betting strategy that controls your wagers. The Martingale method is the best example, where you double the stakes after every loss, then reset after one win. This takes advantage of some games’ even money odds, where you can win as high as 45%-49% with a minimum of 1:1 payout, like roulette and blackjack. 

  • Regularly browse through casino bonuses and claim the best one

Casinos offer a wide variety of promotions for you to claim. The previously mentioned reload bonus is one of the best examples because you just need to make a deposit to claim it. However, these are only available once a week, so you should try other offers available. Be sure to read the requirements and see if you can complete it in a day before claiming. 

  • Practise the games on free play mode first before betting crypto

The best part of playing casino games online is access to free play mode. This is a software provider’s solution to help gamblers try new games without making a deposit. You are given free cash to use as betting resources and win the same currency. Winnings can’t go to your account balance, so you cannot withdraw it, but it’s great for testing a game’s odds and learning how the game works. 

Characteristics of best crypto casinos

Knowing what to expect from an online casino is one thing. What you should learn the most is how to find the best crypto casinos out of all the platforms available online. There are a few factors to look for per website to narrow your options. Start by judging each one by the following qualities:

Safety and security

The internet is rife with opportunities for making honest transactions, but this attracts thieves and scammers. To prevent this, crypto casinos work with cyber security providers. 2-factor authentication (2FA) tools can protect your ownership of your account. 

It’s simple yet effective at blocking anyone without your mobile device, access to email, or your Google Authenticator app. Crypto casinos also apply standard website safety measures. This includes Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, Payment Card Security Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. 

Provably fair gambling

Provably Fair is an algorithm that tracks fairness in online gambling. It aims to prove that the casino is not cheating by inspecting every game offered. 

This is how you can see the stats of each game in reviews, like return to player (RTP) rates, volatility, and house edge. The technology also measures the fairness of random number generators (RNG) to ensure transparency between casinos and gamblers. 

Anonymous gambling with cryptocurrencies

Many online casinos show the same sign-up page for registration but differ in how they handle anonymity. If the website is fiat-only, then there will be a step for conducting KYC. Crypto casinos don’t have that on registration but will ask for it on the deposit menu if you choose to use a credit card. This is for authentication purposes mandated by your card provider.

Local governments and banks closely monitor fiat payments. If you send fiat money to your account in a non-licensed casino, your bank will most likely record your transaction. Crypto still records the asset’s ownership history, but your name isn’t included. Instead, you are identified by your wallet address only. 

Your gambling activities will remain anonymous as long as you don’t broadcast the same wallet address, whether you’re playing in a bitcoin casino or a crypto betting site in general. Thankfully, many crypto casinos support third-party wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase. These can be paired with other wallets, giving players a proxy for sending and receiving assets while your wallet for trading is completely unattached to the casino. 

Top crypto casino bonuses to expect

Bonuses are rewards you can get from crypto casino promotions. They come in different forms of offers, but all of them are designed to enhance your gambling experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Welcome bonuses

These are typically the most generous offers from an online casino. It rewards you on your first deposit with either bonus cash, a free bet, or both. What you get can also scale with the size of your deposit if it has a percentage match in the description, but this only affects bonus cash. Some welcome bonuses work for up to 7 deposits, each lasting a week before it expires. 

  • Deposit bonuses

This offer rewards you upon making a deposit, but there is no limit to how many times you can claim it. There is a match deposit percentage and a limit meaning you can only receive free cash bonuses or free spins up to a certain amount, no matter how much you topped up. Deposit bonuses can replenish once a week or within a certain time. 

Another key element to deposit bonuses is the rollback requirement. This is the amount of cash you must spend to compensate for the bonuses provided. Thus, how much you need to wager is correlated to the size of the bonus you received. This is easy to do for players because the stakes you made using cash you’ve won also count toward completing this requirement. 

  • Free spins

You can claim these from almost every promotion in a crypto casino. These are added to your account balance and can be consumed only when you place a wager on games. However, free spins are usually limited in their application. Read their description to clarify which games they can be used in. It can be a whole category like slots and roulette or specific titles.

  • Loyalty programs

This type of bonus gives your account a stat to raise while you play online casino games. Every bet you make gives you loyalty points, and earning enough will eventually help you reach a new level. Doing so will often reward you with bonuses like free spins or cash.

Loyalty programs also have major milestones you can reach called ‘tiers’. Ascending each one unlocks new benefits to your casino account, further enhancing your gambling experience. Some of these make you eligible for an expensive giveaway, while others will provide you with special privileges like an account manager. 

The best crypto casinos offer VIP bonuses through the loyalty program. Meaning you can achieve a prestigious status simply by being a loyal customer of the same brand. These kinds of statuses also make you eligible for receiving invitations to full-expense paid trips to major events like sports tournaments. 

  • Reload bonuses

This adds an extra cash bonus and/or free bets to your balance after every time you make a deposit. It is interchangeable with the deposit bonus because of how similar they work, but the reload bonus is a lot lighter in what it offers. They offer smaller percentages for match deposits, only up to 50%; hence the rollback requirement is also relatively small.

How to choose a good crypto casino?

The most basic factor in choosing an online casino is to determine what kind of games you want to play. List down casinos partnered with the best gaming software providers for that game. Before adding a brand to your options, consider its reputation first. Seek websites that compare it to other gambling platforms, like rankings or ratings. 

Check the reviews to see other people’s opinions on the user experience and customer support. Once you have selected an online casino that seems ideal enough, then it’s time to judge it by the following metrics:

Licensing and regulation

Every online casino needs to get a licence from a certified regulator. This dictates which countries they can market their brands to. Otherwise, they would have restricted access, or customer support cannot entertain players from countries outside of their licence’s jurisdiction. Double-check the casino’s licence before signing up to ensure the best experience. 

Reputation and security measures

What you read on the front page of review sites of a casino can tell you a lot about its reputation. You can go deeper by looking up its brand name on blogs and articles. Read up on the casino’s history and incident reports, if any. Consider these opinions and then decide if you want to check the site itself or not.

For security measures, the best way to do this is to read through the website’s terms and conditions. These will tell a customer’s parameters when using the casino’s service. The website should contain proper indicators of ownership over assets and games. 

Bonuses and promotions

Online casinos can offer the same kinds of rewards, but some will offer better deals than others. It all usually depends on what the website is promoting or who they are trying to appeal to. 

Some casinos will have great deals for slot players but bad offers for sports bettors, or the opposite is true. Some can also dedicate special bonuses for specific titles, particularly those from the same game providers. The best casino is whichever caters the most to your style of gambling. Thus, you should choose the casino with bonuses for your favourite games.

Payment options and transaction

Crypto casinos can accept your payment and process your withdrawal requests entirely through blockchain P2P. There are also alternative options like third-party exchanges allowing you to deposit fiat to convert it into one of the casino’s supported digital assets. Whichever your preference is, make sure that the casino supports it.

Since the transaction speed and cost are based on the performance of the blockchain, then the casino has no control over it. However, you can compare how they provide services for them, like the option to convert between assets. It’s also helpful for some users to provide crypto-to-fiat conversions or direct-to-exchange services for traders’ convenience. 

Security features and protocols in crypto casinos

The importance of security measures in crypto casinos cannot be understated. Every site abides by the standard website safety rules by default but they also have to bolster it with complex systems. All of this is to ensure your safety as a customer of their services. Here are all of the important security features and protocols used in crypto casinos:

  • TLS encryption

This internet security protocol is designed to protect privacy, authentication, and data integrity, just like the SSL encryption system before it. TLS, however, is a more updated encryption method for protecting all data in the HTTP protocol. Browsers warn users if the website they visit is not protected by this, letting you know which casinos are trustworthy. 

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

This system can be found on almost all online websites where you verify your identity by using a one-time password (OTP) sent to your email or contact number. This way, nobody can enter your account even if they somehow get a hold of your personal information. 2FA can also be made stronger using third-party tools like Google Authenticator. 

  • Provably fair games

Casinos share details of how fairness is defined in a dedicated page or article under the terms of service. It will highlight what is expected of an online casino game, like how RNG and probability work per game. These are inspected by third-party accredited regulators who declare if a casino’s services are fair. 

  • Cold storage of cryptocurrencies

The term ‘cold storage’ refers to hardware wallets for crypto. This means that the storage device is not always connected to the internet. Many crypto casinos offer easy support for MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet, which have means to link with cold storage wallets as well. Thus, you can manage your assets by interacting with them through these third-party ones. 

  • Anti-fraud measures

Just like fairness, casinos determine the definition of ‘fraud’ in terms of service and what actions are taken in response to them. An example of a fraudster is someone who exploits a bug in the casino’s systems or uses plugins to manipulate the odds of a game. It can also refer to a hacker trying to access a customer’s account in an attempt to steal.

If an account has caused an offence, then all accounts using the same IP address are blocked. That means no devices using that IP address or registered accounts will be recognised as a customer by the casino anymore. 

Recommended crypto casino sites

The best part of crypto gambling is the variety of options to choose from as a gambler. Each one is dedicated to different kinds of gamblers, influencing what kind of promotions they offer. If you have a hard time narrowing down your options, then start with these. Here are some of the best online crypto casinos:


Sportsbet.io offers a top-quality sports betting experience. It is popular in a lot of countries thanks to its coverage of some of the biggest sports leagues. The site covers football, cricket, baseball, and many more. Sportsbet.io has markets for esports betting as well for gaming fans and an online casino for slots and table games. 

Sportsbet.io can be accessed on any web browser with full compatibility with both desktop and mobile. You can also check out the casino’s downloadable app for mobile devices. Sportsbet.io also offers customer support through various channels, including email, 24/7 live chat, and help centre support on the website. 

Crypto and Bitcoin Sportsbet promotions are also regularly available to site users to maximise their betting experience. In fact, Sportsbet punters can win a $50 free bet money every week from the site’s 4-3-Free promo. Simply wager a minimum total of 10 USDT (or the equivalent amount in another currency), answer four questions correctly and the free bet is yours.


Although the name is quite ambitious, Empire.io is actually a casual-friendly crypto casino. Its main appeal revolves around its promotions with lower rollback requirements than most. 

Empire.io also has a unique take on sports betting on its website called Stack’em Streak from Parlaybay. This is a virtual football bookmaker where you build a combination of bets on up to four markets per match. In this game, your payout is significantly larger than the sum of your wins if you wagered separately. 

Empire.io is available on mobile and desktop browsers, and you may contact them through customer support services via live chat or email. If you want to be more involved with the brand, join their Telegram app channel. 


If casual gambling is up your alley but appreciates a lot of flexibility in terms of options, then Bitcasino is the right platform for you. It’s one of the most competitive brands for slot games and table games worldwide, specifically among Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether traders. 

They form strong partnerships with many industry-leading software providers to give you fun games at all times. Bitcasino.io is a luxurious online casino that can be played on desktop and mobile. It also comes with an app you can download for Android and has fully optimised access to all games. 

For new bettors, they can claim Bitcasino’s 20% welcome cashback after signing up. Read the site’s terms and conditions to know more about the offer.


Livecasino.io has a humble selection of over 1000 games, making it relatively smaller than the other casinos on this list. This is because the brand is dedicated to live games. They offer slots to make up a bulk of their total number of games, but the promotions are targeted to games like baccarat, poker, and blackjack. 

Livecasino.io is dedicated to USDT as the prize for its casino tournaments. You can join these fun game modes by accessing the casino’s services that are compatible with both desktop and mobile. As for customer support, Livecasino.io offers the standard means, namely 24/7 live chat and email. 

The online betting platform boasts of its quick withdrawals and rakebacks for up to 20%. You can participate in the 20% cashback offer monthly—learn more about Livecasino.io’s wagering requirements first to see if you can claim yours.


For the best slots-centric gambling experience, try Slots.io. It has fewer offered promotions, most of which are dedicated to giving you free spins. All of the games on the website are from the best providers, ensuring that all games have a ton of creativity to explore. On top of that, there are also skill games at Slots.io, a new category in the casino industry. 

All Slots.io services are accessible through desktop or mobile, especially modern slot games with a portrait screen orientation. If you need to contact Slots.io’s customer support, then you may send your inquiries through the 24/7 live chat and email address. 

Play crypto casino games at the best gaming websites

The crypto gambling industry has expanded exponentially to have hundreds of websites ready to welcome your patronage at a time. However, some websites are definitely better than others, so don’t settle for mediocre gambling platforms when you can find the best. All you have to do is look for the top crypto casinos or choose one based on your own criteria. 


The following are questions commonly asked about crypto casinos:

How do crypto casinos work?

Crypto casinos are usually browser-based services, but some can serve you as apps. They are services that always require you to be online if you want to use them. As crypto casinos, it means they accept cryptocurrencies as deposits and bankroll for betting. Deposit funds to start playing on these websites, wager them in games, and then withdraw your winnings. 

What online casinos accept cryptocurrency?

Casinos like Sportsbet.io, Empire.io, Bitcasino.io, Livecasino.io, and Slots.io accept cryptocurrencies for betting. They are called ‘crypto casinos’ because they are dedicated to digital assets. Some fiat-friendly gambling websites accept crypto but are often classified as ‘hybrid casinos’. 

Which cryptocurrencies are commonly accepted in online crypto casinos?

BTC, ETC, and USDT are the most commonly accepted crypto because they are the most liquid assets. Assets like DOGE, XRP, and LTC are also popular, but many gambling websites do not accept them. 

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