teledisko DAO: One $BERLIN is All You Need to Tokenize a Piece of Subculture

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  • teledisko DAO uses $BERLIN to lead Berlin’s tech and culture development.
  • teledisko 3.0 hardware and software upgrades will help distribute the product internationally.

After becoming UNESCO’s “City of Design” in 2005, Berlin has continued to enhance its reputation as a global cultural and creative hub, building on its diverse heritage of monuments and institutions. The city is renowned as a prominent European center for nightlife and entertainment, and it continues to attract a constant influx of young talents and artists. 

Berlin owes much of its appeal and vibrant cultural landscape to revolutionary ideas like teledisko and the creatives responsible for these successes. 

In the case of the teledisko project, its operation and success are fostered by teledisko DAO—the group using $BERLIN to lead the tech and culture development in Berlin. 

What is the teledisko DAO?

The teledisko DAO is a novel governance model of the teledisko project, known for upcycling old phone booths to become the ultimate mini-disco experience for friends while maintaining democratic ownership and revenue distribution. 

The teledisko DAO is an Estonian private limited company, with all its members being KYC-compliant $BERLIN holders. Each member is an official shareholder, and their ownership, governance, and dividend rights are determined based on the number of $BERLIN they hold.

The DAO stakeholders are defined in four different roles:

  • Contributors
  • Investors
  • Impact investors
  • Traders 

The DAO is uniquely structured so that every member can benefit from the organization’s success. Contributors earn tokens according to their contributions to the project, whether time or money. Contributors, Investors, and Impact Investors may claim dividends, while traders balance supply and demand on the secondary market.

It is only fitting that teledisko DAO, one of the world’s most modern organizations, would run the business model of an automated mini-disko-machine. It is described as Berlin in a box and uses the $BERLIN token to run its ecosystem. 

$BERLIN is All You Need

While no one can accurately reimburse people for their lifetime (our most valuable resource), the teledisko DAO does its best to reward contributors fairly, transparently, and consistently. 

The teledisko DAO uses the $BERLIN token as the primary instrument of participation and ownership distribution in the teledisko project. 

There is no staking, reserve pool, or predefined allocation of $BERLIN for team members or advisors. The teledisko DAO only mints $BERLIN when value is added to the DAO, whether in terms of time, funds, or assets being contributed. The current token supply merely represents the value added to the project throughout its lifetime.

Holding the $BERLIN token gives stakeholders access to benefits, including: 

  • Owning a fair portion of the business they spend their time on. 
  • They can also direct the teledisko DAO by voting on resolutions and dividend sharing. 
  • Contributors can sell part of their tokens, and consequently, ownership at any time. Even without a market, they can redeem a limited number of $BERLIN against the teledisko DAO’s Trustworthiness Reserve. 
  • They can earn dividends from annual profits and receive capital gains as the price of $BERLIN token rises. 
  • Stakeholders can make investments and $BERLIN price decisions on the secondary market based on their evaluation of the value that teledisko DAO creates. 

All these benefits become accessible to the different types of teledisko DAO members because they hold the exclusive $BERLIN token. 

How Much More Awesome Can teledisko Become?

While teledisko has succeeded in its traditional business model since 2014, it is ready to grow exponentially. 

The project recognizes its unique position at the intersection of art, club culture, and high tech. The teledisko 3.0 hardware and software upgrade will help distribute the product internationally. As a DAO, it will have the organizational infrastructure to run the project, reward those who drive growth, and share profits between past and future contributors.

All the smart contracts deployed to run the teledisko DAO securely have undergone two rounds of independent security audits. The DAO uses the NEOKingdom DAO framework to achieve legal compliance, and it is the first use case of the framework. 

The teledisko DAO is ready for success. Grab your $BERLIN on the market and join the revolution!

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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