Telcoin Successfully Recovers User Balances After Exploit, Sees Surge in Deposits

Telcoin Successfully Recovers User Balances After Exploit, Sees Surge in Deposits

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  • Telcoin, a mobile financial application developer, effectively addressed a security breach that led to the unauthorized transfer of $1.2 million by restoring all affected user balances within weeks. This response followed an exploit caused by a misconfiguration between Telcoin’s digital wallet and a proxy contract on the Polygon network.
  • The swift and decisive action by Telcoin, including preemptively using company funds for restoration and collaborating with security experts to recover the stolen funds, significantly boosted user trust, resulting in a 400% increase in deposits, demonstrating the importance of rapid response and transparency in handling digital finance security incidents.



Telcoin, a company known for developing financial applications for mobile users, including trading and remittance tools, recently faced a significant security challenge. The firm experienced an exploit leading to the unauthorized transfer of $1.2 million from some users’ accounts. However, in a commendable move, The company has managed to restore all user balances within weeks of the incident, according to a statement provided to CoinDesk.

The exploit, which occurred in late December, was attributed to a flaw in the interaction between the company’s digital wallet and a proxy contract on the Polygon network. The fault resulted in incorrect storage function executions, leading to a reduction in user balances within the Telcoin mobile application. Despite the setback, the company’s swift response has been noteworthy.

Paul Neuner, the founder and CEO of Telcoin, expressed his pride in the team’s quick action. “Deciding to preemptively restore affected user wallets from our company treasury was a no-brainer, and I’m proud of the team for making that happen in record time,” he stated.

Technical details of the exploit on Telcoin

The technical issue that led to the exploit was a misconfiguration in the way Telcoin’s digital wallet interacted with a proxy contract on the Polygon network. The misconfiguration resulted in the proxy contract performing certain storage functions incorrectly. Fortunately, no admin keys were compromised during the incident, which meant that the broader Telcoin ecosystem remained unaffected.

In response to the exploit, Telcoin took proactive measures to safeguard its users. The company preemptively restored funds from its treasury while simultaneously working with leading blockchain security experts and law enforcement to freeze and recover the stolen funds. The decisive action not only helped in mitigating the impact of the exploit but also demonstrated the company’s commitment to user security and trust.

Following the restoration of user balances, the company has also witnessed a remarkable 400% increase in deposits. The surge can be attributed to the improved bullish sentiment among users, who appreciated the company’s quick and effective response to the security breach. Telcoin’s handling of the situation seems to have reinforced user confidence in the platform, leading to a notable boost in user engagement and trust.


Telcoin’s experience serves as a valuable case study in the importance of rapid and transparent responses to security breaches in the digital finance space. The company’s ability to quickly restore user balances and work with authorities to address the exploit has not only mitigated potential damage but also enhanced its reputation among users. The significant increase in deposits post-incident is a testament to the restored and even strengthened trust in the company’s platform. As the digital finance sector continues to evolve, such proactive and user-centric approaches to security and trust will be crucial for the success and longevity of platforms like Telcoin.

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