Techrock joins Rakuten to help ensure the authenticity of products through Blockchain

Rakuten, one of the biggest names in Japanese e-commerce has teamed up with Techrock in an attempt to introduce authentic Japanese products to the Chinese market.

Techrock relies heavily on their expertise in Blockchain, which is why Rakuten turned to them for a partnership in the next big Japanese e-commerce project. Most importantly, Techrock uses blockchain to verify the authenticity of the products that go through their platform, which is the main feature Rakuten is after.

Blockchain technology has taken the e-commerce world by surprise, especially as newly developed chips have enabled numerous niches and businesses to get into tracking their products. More and more companies and e-commerce platforms have integrated the blockchain authentication system into their methodology, in order to ensure their customers are getting their money’s worth.

Techrock’s CEO Alexander Busarov has commented that the company is very happy to provide a big number of Chinese customers with verified products provided by a big supplier like Rakuten.

This partnership is part of Rakuten’s strategy to develop its e-commerce services by providing enhanced tracking of customers’ products and purchases. The company is also trying to fight the global counterfeit products’ industry by enlisting the services of specialists like Techrock.

This is not Rakuten’s first introduction to blockchain technology, as Bitcoin payments were introduced on their platform back in 2015, while Rakuten Wallet is also available to customers. However, their partnership with Techrock focuses on the security capabilities of the technology, rather than its payment functionalities.

In order to introduce products with verified authenticity, Rakuten will create specialized areas on Techrock’s platform where customers will be able to purchase them. Additionally, this partnership will aid with the development of cross-platform royalty programmes.

Rakuten’s further advances in the use of blockchain hint at the ways this technology will revolutionize numerous business and services around the world.

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