Banking customers lose nearly $500M to scammers: Reports


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a damning report revealing that US banks failed to prevent scammers from making away with almost $500 million of their customers’ money in 2023. The report sheds light on the pervasive nature of fraud, with a staggering $10 billion stolen by scammers through various means over the year. […]

Crypto crimes reach new high in November 2023-Reports


November 2023 has proven to be a turbulent month for the cryptocurrency space, as illicit activities surged, resulting in substantial financial losses amounting to approximately $363 million. This unfortunate record, reported by blockchain security firm CertiK, underscores the pressing need for improved security measures within the digital asset industry. Exploits and attacks lead to substantial […]

Major crypto wallet vulnerability uncovered: Billions at risk


A critical vulnerability, dubbed “Randstorm,” has been identified by cybersecurity firm Unciphered, posing a significant threat to millions of cryptocurrency wallets. This vulnerability impacts wallets created using web browsers from 2011 to 2015, potentially affecting around $2.1 billion in crypto assets. The discovery and impact of Randstorm While attempting to retrieve a Bitcoin wallet, Unciphered […]

FBI report reveals rise of deceptive beta-testing scams targeting crypto investors

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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a cautionary report on August 15th, shedding light on a concerning trend where malicious actors exploit cryptocurrency enthusiasts through deceptive beta-testing schemes. The report highlighted how these fraudsters masquerade as legitimate cryptocurrency investment platforms, siphoning money from unsuspecting victims. The FBI’s investigation underscored a disturbing pattern – […]

ZB.com lost around $4.8 million during the suspension of its services


The security company focused on Blockchain networks, PeckShield, recently indicated that $4.8 million in crypto were stolen through ZB.com. This occurred while the exchange announced that transactions would be suspended. Crypto trading continues to grow, although lately, it has been posed as a means of scams that affect crypto investors. ZB.com called itself one of […]

Investors report scams from crypto ads on Facebook


Investors have continued to report scams as criminals have continued to front their malicious platforms using the image of Martin Lewis. According to several reports, the scam ads, mainly from Facebook, saw traders lose more than $700 million last year. This recent report is coming off an earlier one that happened years ago. The same […]

OpenSea confirms phishing attack on its Discord server

Users report phishing attack on OpenSea Discord server

A Discord server operated by OpenSea was hacked to promote fraud, according to tweets from individuals and security firm PeckShield. We are currently looking into a potential Discord flaw, so please do not click on any links in the Discord. OpenSea It appears that the access was used to promote a scam NFT mint. The […]

Hackers already bagged $1.57B, more than 2021 record

Hackers already bagged $1.57B, more than 2021 record

Crypto investors may be crying losses from their investments amid the general downtrend in the market. However, hackers are winning in the present market condition, as blockchain security firm PeckShield recently reported that the value of cryptocurrencies stolen so far in 2022 has already surpassed last year’s record.  $1.57 billion lost to hackers since 2022 […]

Scam reporting tool created by CCC and Cybera promises a 2022 without virtual theft

Scam Reporting Tool

TL;DR Breakdown • Organization with a vision toward crypto performance creates a tool to report thefts• The scam reporting tool will be free and is available on the Cybera website. Recently the organization focused on the performance of the crypto in the United States; Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative announced its scam reporting tool created with the […]

Cybersecurity agency issues warning over North Korean hackers


TL; DR Breakdown Cybersecurity firm warns crypto market about hackers The outfit wants a conscious approach to security Hackers stole $400 million in 2021 Cybersecurity outfit CSIA, in conjunction with the United States FBI, has issued a joint warning over the activities of North Korean hackers in the crypto market. This statement is coming after […]

MetaMask warns iOS users about phishing attacks


TL; DR Breakdown MetaMask warns iOS users of recent phishing attacks The company provides guidelines to avoid issues Twitter user gives a detailed breakdown of the issue MetaMask, a wallet developed by the budding crypto company, Consensys, has issued a stern warning to iOS users regarding the rampant nature of phishing attacks on Apple iCloud […]

How industries can leverage novel NFT anti-counterfeiting tools


The digital revolution has modernized global systems, ushering in the golden age of global communities as it removes physical and traditional barriers. However, due to technological advancements, traditional vices such as theft, fraud, and counterfeiting have evolved and gained sophistication. Hence, as technology provides novel solutions, it simultaneously motivates fresh concerns. A market dominated by […]

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