Synthetix’s Andromeda Release: A Milestone in Decentralized Finance

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  • Synthetix’s Andromeda Release introduces major updates including Core V3, Perps V3, and the inclusion of USDC as a new collateral option, marking a significant evolution in its DeFi platform.
  • A key feature of this release is the buyback and burn mechanism for SNX tokens, using fees from Perps on Base, aimed at reducing the overall token supply and enhancing token value.

Synthetix, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has introduced its Andromeda Release, marking a transformative moment in its journey.

The update brings several features to the forefront, including Core V3, Perps V3, and the adoption of USDC as a new form of collateral. By expanding to a multi-chain protocol, Synthetix is not only broadening its horizons but also reinforcing its commitment to innovation and user-centric development.

The Integration of Core V3 and Perps V3 in Andromeda Release

The introduction of Core V3 in the Andromeda Release signifies a major technological advancement for Synthetix. The new version enhances the platform’s infrastructure, providing a more robust and scalable framework. Core V3’s improved design is expected to streamline processes, reduce transaction costs, and offer a more seamless experience for users, thereby strengthening the overall efficiency of the Synthetix platform.

Alongside Core V3, Perps V3 is another critical component of the Andromeda Release. It introduces key features such as cross-margin and multi-collateral support, adding significant flexibility and functionality for traders. These enhancements are pivotal in improving the trading experience on Synthetix, making it more competitive and attractive to a wider range of DeFi participants.

USDC as Collateral and Multi-Chain Expansion

The Andromeda Release shows Synthetix’s plan to start using USDC as a new type of collateral. The integration not only diversifies the collateral options available on the platform but also aligns Synthetix with broader trends in the DeFi sector. The addition of USDC is expected to increase platform liquidity and attract a new segment of users, further strengthening the Synthetix ecosystem.

Expanding to a multi-chain protocol is a significant leap for Synthetix, allowing it to extend its reach and capabilities across various blockchain networks. The transition underscores Synthetix’s vision of a more interconnected and versatile DeFi landscape. The move to a multi-chain framework opens up new possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and growth within the DeFi community.

Buyback and Burn of SNX Tokens: A New Economic Mechanism

A key feature of the Andromeda Release is the implementation of a buyback and burn mechanism for SNX tokens, as outlined in SIP-345. The approach involves using a portion of the fees generated from Perps on Base to buy back and burn SNX tokens. The mechanism is expected to create a deflationary effect on the SNX token supply, potentially increasing its value over time and offering long-term benefits to token holders.

The buyback and burn strategy is a significant economic move for Synthetix. By reducing the total supply of SNX tokens, the platform aims to create a more robust economic model. The strategy reflects a thoughtful approach to tokenomics, aligning the interests of token holders with the long-term sustainability and success of the platform.


The Andromeda Release is a monumental step in Synthetix’s evolution, reflecting its dedication to innovation, user experience, and economic sustainability. By introducing Core V3, Perps V3, adopting USDC as collateral, and implementing the buyback and burn mechanism, Synthetix is not only enhancing its platform but also contributing significantly to the growth and maturity of the DeFi sector. The release sets a new standard in the industry and paves the way for future advancements in decentralized finance.

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