Syndicate Unveils L3 Chain: The Syndicate Frame Chain, Powered by Base (OP Stack)


  • Syndicate has launched the Syndicate Frame Chain, an L3 blockchain based on Base (OP Stack), leveraging Celestia modules and the Farcaster framework to offer developers free gas for transactions.
  • The platform has already attracted over 50 developers, facilitating the creation of innovative applications and processing over 350,000 transactions.

In an exciting development within the decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain space, Syndicate, a prominent DAO infrastructure service provider, has announced the launch of its latest technological marvel: the Syndicate Frame Chain. The cutting-edge L3 chain is ingeniously based on Base, leveraging the OP Stack to offer unparalleled features and functionalities to its users. The Syndicate Frame Chain is not just another addition to the blockchain ecosystem; it represents a significant leap forward, embodying the fusion of advanced technologies such as Celestia modules and the Farcaster framework. 

The combination ensures that developers can now enjoy the luxury of free gas when utilizing the Syndicate Frame API, a move set to revolutionize how blockchain applications are developed and deployed.

A Confluence of Innovation: Celestia Modules and Farcaster Framework

At the heart of the Syndicate Frame Chain’s exceptional capabilities are the Celestia modules and the Farcaster framework. Celestia modules provide the blockchain with a modular consensus and data availability layer, enhancing its scalability and flexibility. It means that the Syndicate Frame Chain can process transactions more efficiently, handle increased throughput, and offer developers the ability to create more complex and responsive applications.

The integration of the Farcaster framework further amplifies the chain’s appeal by introducing a robust infrastructure for decentralized social networking protocols. The framework enables a new dimension of application development possibilities, from decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to social media applications, all benefiting from the inherent advantages of blockchain technology such as security, transparency, and censorship resistance.

Revolutionizing Development with Free Gas on the Syndicate Frame API

One of the most groundbreaking features is the provision of free gas for transactions processed through the Syndicate Frame API. The initiative is poised to lower the barrier to entry for developers looking to innovate within the blockchain space. By removing the cost impediment associated with transaction processing, Syndicate is fostering a more inclusive and vibrant developer ecosystem. Currently, the platform boasts over 50 developers who are actively building diverse applications, ranging from DeFi protocols to NFT marketplaces, all leveraging the free gas offering to create more accessible and user-friendly experiences.

The bold move not only democratizes access to blockchain development but also encourages experimentation and innovation, with the potential to significantly increase the adoption and utility of blockchain technology across various industries.

A Flourishing Ecosystem: Over 350,000 Transactions and Counting

The impact is already palpable, with more than 350,000 transactions processed since its inception. The impressive milestone underscores the robustness and efficiency of the chain, as well as the enthusiasm and engagement of the developer community. The sheer volume of transactions attests to the chain’s capability to handle high throughput and its reliability as a foundation for building scalable blockchain applications.

Moreover, the growing number of developers and applications converging on the Syndicate Frame Chain is a testament to its attractiveness as a development platform. With its unique features, such as free gas and the integration of advanced technologies like Celestia modules and the Farcaster framework, the Syndicate Frame Chain is rapidly becoming a hub for innovation and a beacon for the future of decentralized application development.

The Future of Blockchain Development with Syndicate Frame Chain

The launch of the Syndicate Frame Chain marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology. By addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing developers today, such as high transaction costs and limited scalability, Syndicate is paving the way for a new era of blockchain application development. The chain’s unique offerings, including free gas and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, are not only enhancing the developer experience but also expanding the possibilities of what can be built on a blockchain.

As the Syndicate Frame Chain continues to grow and evolve, it is poised to attract more developers, foster more innovation, and process even more transactions. The future looks bright for the revolutionary platform, and its impact on the blockchain ecosystem will undoubtedly be profound and far-reaching. With its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence, Syndicate is setting a new standard for blockchain development, one that promises to accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies and transform the digital landscape.


The Syndicate Frame Chain stands as a monument to innovation, a testament to the power of collaboration and technology in overcoming the limitations of traditional blockchain platforms. As more developers and users flock to the promising platform, the blockchain community waits with bated breath to see the new horizons that will be unlocked by the pioneering initiative.

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