Ethereum NFT game Symbiogenesis unveils auction dates by Square Enix

Ethereum NFT game Symbiogenesis unveils auction dates by Square Enix

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  • Square Enix is launching its first Ethereum NFT game, Symbiogenesis, with an auction for NFTs starting November 27 in three phases.
  • The auction features a unique approach, offering NFTs for free to allowlist members, with auctions triggered if multiple claims are made on a single NFT.
  • Symbiogenesis, a narrative-driven digital collectible art project, integrates characters and items as Ethereum NFTs and is set to launch on December 21.

Square Enix, the renowned video game publisher known for its highly successful Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series, is venturing into new territory with its first original Ethereum NFT game, Symbiogenesis. The company has officially announced the auction dates for this much-anticipated release, marking a significant step into the burgeoning NFT space.

Unique auction structure unveiled

The auction for Symbiogenesis NFTs is set to unfold in three distinct waves starting Monday, November 27. This innovative approach is part of the company’s strategy to integrate NFTs into its gaming ecosystem. The first wave of auctions, featuring 10 character NFTs, will span November 27-28. This will be followed by the second wave from November 30 to December 1, offering 90-character NFTs. The final wave, showcasing the largest batch of 400 NFTs, will take place from December 2-3.

Square Enix has adopted a unique method for the minting process of these NFTs. To stir interest and reward early adopters, the company will offer these NFTs for free to members on the allowlist. However, if there’s more than one claimant for a specific NFT, it will then be auctioned to the highest bidder. This method hinges on the level of demand for these assets, adding an element of unpredictability to the acquisition process.

Symbiogenesis: A foray into blockchain gaming

Symbiogenesis represents a bold step for Square Enix into blockchain gaming. The game, described as a “digital collectible art project,” is narrative-driven and integrates characters, items, and other assets as Ethereum NFTs. The NFTs for this game will also utilize the Polygon scaling network, known for its efficiency and lower transaction costs compared to the main Ethereum blockchain.

The game, expected to launch on December 21, has piqued the interest of the gaming community, offering a unique blend of narrative and blockchain technology. The allowlist entry campaign for the game, which ran from November 7 to 21, involved a series of interactive quizzes and a treasure hunt within a prototype of the Symbiogenesis game world. Participants earned NFT “relics” and points towards participating in the auction phases, with the top scorers getting early access to the NFTs.

Symbiogenesis is more than just an NFT auction; it’s a testament to Square Enix’s commitment to exploring new technological frontiers. The company has a history of innovation, as evidenced by its previous foray into NFT trading cards and a partnership with Web3 infrastructure provider Elixir. With the launch of Symbiogenesis, Square Enix is not just expanding its portfolio but also shaping the future of blockchain gaming. This move could potentially transform the way we interact with digital assets and game narratives, setting a new standard in the gaming industry.

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