Super Mario Maker Community Achieves the Impossible on Eve of Server Shutdown

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  • Super Mario Maker community achieves the impossible: however,  “Trimming the Herbs” just days before the Nintendo server shutdown made the situation more complicated.
  • Bittersweet victory: The final mission for Team 0% in the Super Mario Maker game has been achieved in playing on both the 3DS and Wii U with their servers preparing to shut down.
  • Closing down the server from Nintendo brings up the topic of game preservation as well as asking the questions of general digital access.

In a stunning turn of events, the Super Mario Maker community has achieved the seemingly impossible: just within these days, they could have beaten the dreadful level called “Trimming the Herbs” which happened to be the final day when Nintendo announced the closure of both 3DS and Wii servers. This exceptional feat shows the outcome of Team 0% giving their all to achieve the same goal before the servers are shut down for good.

The quest for completion

Team 0%, a dedicated group of Mario Maker gamers who are having a fight with each of the levels and trying to beat them before the upcoming server shutdown, is committed to this end. The longest journey of this duo was when they were trapped at the “Trimming the Herbs” level, which is notoriously difficult and highly intolerant of error. This stage was no more than 17 seconds long, requiring more than just perfect timing, even your reflexes had to be extraordinarily fast.

After a staggering 280,000 attempts, the community made a startling discovery: “Trimming the Herbs” was a hack, or a run where the game was skipped even though the level wasn’t completed entirely. However, the fact that this was proved wrong was not enough to put the team off the track, and they continued to chase the unattainable goal.

A moment of triumph

The magnificent 13 seconds registered on the live stream represents sanyx91smm2’s record-breaking run through the “Trimming the Herbs” stage. A second video, which records the exact moment, depicts the player’s disbelief and the endless cheer-ups among the fans. It proves that the persuasiveness of determination must be combined with the strength of their hearts.

Super Mario Maker: Assigned task finished

The team is setting a strapping flag and inviting the galaxy to their victory with the “Trimming the Herbs” mission completed. Nonetheless, the community has demonstrated a superior immunity against tool-assisted techniques, leading to the level’s disqualification on the grounds of being unfair somehow. In essence, the prime credit for Super Mario Maker is due to its players for their inexhaustible creativity and endurance.

Nintendo’s server shutdown

But the community turns out to be the happy but sad one as it outdoes itself tremendously, yet this is ripped off by Nintendo’s immediate( or imminent) server shutdown. On April 8th, the aggregate of the 3DS and Wii U servers will be shutting down, representing the bittersweet end for cherished games like Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Pokemon X/Y. The termination of the online pressure removes the umbilical cord that players used to play multi-player aspect for a long period.

At the same time, when the industry is not benefitting economically, there will be less financial justification or incentive for the conservation of wild spaces where the game still roams freely.

Moreover, the 3DS and the Wii U’s digital store closures, which are to be implemented very soon, are additional reasons why people worry about games that are at risk of being forgotten. Access to the digital library of those platforms is getting increasingly imperiled, and we only have a few more chances to conserve such a significant collection for the sake of the future. The move taken by Nintendo points to the fact that by the current digital content preservation debate, a sustainable solution needs to be found and put in place urgently to maintain gaming history accessibility.

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