Stardew Valley’s Best Fish for Fish Ponds: A Profitable Guide for Farming Enthusiasts


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  • Ice Pips thrive in freezing conditions, earning up to 1,000g when placed in Fish Ponds.
  • Sturgeons are rare but profitable, producing Caviar that sells for 500g.
  • Blobfish, Spook Fish, and Lava Eels bring substantial profits and unique items to Fish Ponds in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley, the popular farming simulation game, offers players an array of engaging activities, from tilling the land to exploring the depths of the mines. Among its many captivating features, the utilization of fish ponds has become a vital aspect of maximizing profits and reaping the rewards of the virtual waters. With a careful selection of the right fish, players can enhance their in-game economic success and enjoy a fruitful farming experience.

Ice pips, renowned for their ability to flourish in freezing conditions, stand as one of the most sought-after species in the Valley. A swift catch on Floor 60 in the Frozen Earth section of the mines, these valuable fish, when placed in a fishpond, boast a reproduction cycle of every five days. With a base sell price of 500g, which can be magnified to 1,000g for iridium quality, Ice Pips daily yields valuable produce, adding significant weight to their profitability.

A challenging catch with lucrative rewards

The elusive Sturgeons, available during summers and winters in The Mountain Lake, present players with a challenging yet rewarding fishing experience. Although they prove to be a rarity on rainy days, sturgeons can be purchased from Krobus’s Shop on Wednesdays for 200g. When housed in a fish pond, sturgeons reproduce every four days, earning their acclaim for the prized roe they produce. This Roe can be further processed into Caviar, a luxurious delicacy priced at 500 gold, amplifying the Sturgeon’s economic allure.

The enigmatic blobfish, an exclusive catch within the submarine during the night market, carries a mystique that attracts players seeking a profitable venture. With a reproduction cycle of four days, blobfish, ranging from 500g to 1,000g in value, yield valuable resources, contributing to their overall profitability. Similarly, the Spook Fish, also available during the Night Market’s Submarine ride, offers an enticing prospect for players looking to acquire Treasure Chests daily, each fetching an impressive 5,000 gold upon sale.

Diverse and lucrative options

The alluring Blue Discus, a tropical fish found exclusively on Ginger Island, brings a touch of exotic allure to any fishpond. Reproducing every three days, these fish not only add aesthetic value but also offer unique items not commonly found in Pelican Town, further enriching the farming experience. Lava eels, surviving the intense heat of Floor 100 in the Mines and the Volcano Caldera, stand as one of the most profitable fish, with a selling price ranging from 700g to 1,400g. Their five-day reproduction cycle and the valuable yield they provide make them a favored choice for fishpond enthusiasts. Lastly, the ever-abundant Rainbow Trout, easily caught in various freshwater bodies around the valley, boasts a rapid reproduction cycle of two days, making it a consistent and profitable addition to any fishpond on the farm.

With this comprehensive guide to the best fish for fish ponds in Stardew Valley, players can now make informed decisions to maximize profits and enhance their farming escapades. From the tranquil depths of the Mountain Lake to the vibrant waters of Ginger Island, the world of Stardew Valley beckons with bountiful opportunities for virtual farming success.

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