Stacks: Pioneering Growth in Bitcoin’s Layer 2 Ecosystem


  • Stacks experiences a 3,386% increase in quarterly revenue and a significant market capitalization growth to $2 billion, showcasing its rapid expansion within the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem.
  • The forthcoming Nakamoto upgrade promises to further enhance Stacks’ capabilities, signaling a new era of innovation and functionality for Bitcoin-based applications.



Stacks, a leading Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, has reported unprecedented growth over the past year, setting new benchmarks for performance and adoption. The “State of Stacks Q4 2023” report, released by analytics firm Messari, sheds light on the remarkable journey, revealing a staggering 3,386% increase in quarterly revenue, which now totals $637,000. Additionally, on an annual scale, the revenue surged by 3,028%, highlighting the rapidly growing interest and investment in Stacks’ innovative solutions.

Simultaneously, the market capitalization of Stacks’ native cryptocurrency, STX, has seen a remarkable upsurge. Quarterly growth stood at 203%, while the year-over-year increase reached an impressive 598%, pushing the market cap to the $2 billion milestone. The financial growth is a testament to the confidence and enthusiasm of investors and users alike, who are increasingly recognizing the potential of Stacks to enhance and expand the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Key growth metrics and Prospects

The Messari report further details the growth metrics that underline Stacks’ success. One of the most striking figures is the 363% quarterly and 773% annual increase in total value locked (TVL), which now stands at $61 million. The metric is crucial, as it reflects the overall health and activity level of the DeFi ecosystem built on Stacks, indicating a vibrant and growing community.

Moreover, the report highlights a significant yearly increase in average daily miner revenue, which soared by 1,015% to reach $78,000. The surge in miner revenue not only benefits the miners themselves but also secures the network by incentivizing more participants to contribute to the blockchain’s security and efficiency.

Looking ahead, the Nakamoto upgrade, scheduled for April 2024, is poised to introduce substantial advancements to Stacks, promising to further elevate its position within the Bitcoin Layer-2 ecosystem. The upgrade is expected to bring about enhancements that could revolutionize the way developers and users interact with the Bitcoin blockchain, offering more scalability, security, and functionality.

Driving forces behind Stacks’ Success

A critical factor in Stacks’ impressive growth has been the adoption of the STX20 Inscription protocol, which has surpassed both Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market in growth metrics. The protocol has played a pivotal role in enabling a range of applications and services that leverage the security and ubiquity of the Bitcoin network, thereby contributing to the broader adoption and utilization of Stacks.

Additionally, the thriving DeFi ecosystem on Stacks, with platforms such as ALEX, Arkadiko, and StackingDAO, has seen significant activity increases. Daily transactions rose by 52% quarterly, while active addresses saw a 65% increase, signaling a healthy and engaged community. The rise in transaction fees, by 400% quarter-over-quarter in STX terms and 894% in USD terms, reflects the growing demand for Stacks’ services, although the average transaction fee in USD remains relatively low at $0.25, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

The broader implication for Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem

The success of Stacks and its innovative approach to enhancing Bitcoin’s functionality has not gone unnoticed in the broader crypto and blockchain industry. Projects developed on the Bitcoin network, such as Stacks, are increasingly being recognized as a major theme for the future of the sector. On-chain analysis firm Nansen has highlighted the trend as one of its four “high-conviction bets” for the coming year, indicating a strong belief in the potential of Bitcoin-based projects to drive forward the industry’s innovation.

Similarly, Hashdex, a Brazilian asset management firm, has pointed to the emergence of the “industrial era of Bitcoin” as a significant development. The era is characterized by the growth of projects like Stacks, which build on Bitcoin’s foundational strengths to offer new functionalities and opportunities, heralding a new phase of growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency world.


Stacks’ remarkable growth over the past year is a clear indicator of the potential of Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions to transform the cryptocurrency landscape. With its innovative approach to leveraging Bitcoin’s security and ubiquity, Stacks is not just enhancing the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain but also setting the stage for a new era of digital currency and blockchain technology. As the platform prepares for the upcoming Nakamoto upgrade, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the next chapter in Stacks’ evolution and its continued impact on the broader ecosystem.

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