Bloomberg: Spot Bitcoin ETF is getting SEC approval no matter what


  • Bloomberg Analyst Erich Balchunas counters Matrixport’s prediction, stating a Spot Bitcoin ETF will likely be approved by the SEC.
  • Matrixport’s report had suggested a blanket rejection of Bitcoin ETF applications, causing Bitcoin’s value to drop significantly.
  • Balchunas’ optimistic viewpoint contrasts with the prevailing market uncertainty and recent Bitcoin price volatility.
  • Despite Matrixport’s pessimistic forecast, Bloomberg maintains confidence in the imminent approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF.

In a recent development that has stirred the crypto market, Bloomberg Analyst Erich Balchunas has confidently stated that a Spot Bitcoin ETF is on track for approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), countering the wave of skepticism sparked by Matrixport’s report. This bold assertion comes amidst a period of intense speculation and market volatility, underscoring the high stakes and differing opinions surrounding this anticipated decision.

A Counter to Pessimistic Predictions

The crypto community was recently rattled by a report from Matrixport, led by Markus Theilen, which predicted a blanket rejection of all Bitcoin ETF applications. Theilen cited the applicants’ failure to meet critical SEC requirements as the primary reason for this anticipated denial. However, Bloomberg’s Erich Balchunas has offered a contrasting viewpoint, asserting, “We have heard nothing to indicate anything but approval,” a statement that adds a new layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Balchunas’ response is not just a mere opinion but a significant counterbalance to the prevailing mood of uncertainty. It challenges the market’s recent trajectory, which saw Bitcoin’s value plummet by 9% and over $540 million liquidated in just 24 hours. This plunge was largely attributed to the growing belief in Matrixport’s predictions, but Balchunas stands firm in his conviction of a positive outcome.

The Road to Approval: A Rocky Journey

The path to Spot Bitcoin ETF approval has been fraught with speculation and anticipation. For months, industry experts and investors alike have been keenly awaiting a decision, with many expecting approval within the first weeks of the year. This sentiment was fueled by advertisements from prospective issuers and consistent amendments to S-1 filings at the SEC’s behest, signaling a clear road to approval.

However, the report from Matrixport threw a wrench into these expectations, casting doubt on the likelihood of approval and impacting market confidence. Despite this, Bloomberg analysts Erich Balchunas and James Seyyfart have maintained a consistent stance, anticipating approval in the near future. Their efforts to uncover sources that informed Matrixport’s report have, to date, been unsuccessful, further shrouding the situation in mystery.

In essencce, the debate over the Spot Bitcoin ETF’s approval is a testament to the complex and evolving nature of the crypto market. As contrasting views emerge from reputable sources, the market finds itself in a state of flux, with each new report and statement swaying investor sentiment and market dynamics.

Bloomberg’s assertion of an impending approval, despite Matrixport’s contrary stance, highlights the uncertainties and diverse opinions that characterize the crypto world. As the market awaits the SEC’s decision, the only certainty is the continued debate and speculation that will shape the future of Bitcoin ETFs and the broader crypto landscape.

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