South Korean Politicians Engage in Crypto Accusations Ahead of April 10 Elections


  • South Korean politicians accuse rivals of hiding crypto before the April 10 elections.
  • Candidate Kim Jun-hyuk is under fire for an undisclosed $84,000 Bitcoin.
  • Kim Do-gyun and Lee Yang-soo clash over crypto investments.

As South Korea prepares for parliamentary elections scheduled for April 10, political tensions have heightened with accusations of crypto-related misconduct surfacing among candidates. These allegations add fuel to an already intense political landscape where the Democratic Party’s dominance is being challenged by President Yoon Seok-yeol’s People’s Power Party.

Mudslinging over crypto allegations

Media outlets in South Korea have reported a surge in what they describe as “mudslinging” among politicians leading up to the upcoming elections. Many of these allegations revolve around cryptocurrency ownership, with candidates accusing each other of undisclosed crypto holdings.

The controversy intensified following mandatory public disclosures of crypto holdings, which were made public in late March. These disclosures unveiled significant Bitcoin and altcoin holdings among prominent public figures, including senior judges and National Assembly candidates.

Allegations against democratic party candidate Kim Jun-hyuk

One such case involves Suwonjeong, Gyeonggi Province’s Democratic Party candidate, Kim Jun-hyuk, who declared holdings of at least $84,000 worth of Bitcoin. Representatives from the People’s Power Party questioned the propriety of a political candidate holding such a substantial amount of crypto, particularly amid ongoing investigations into the Coin Gate scandal. The People’s Power Party called for Kim to step down, alleging his failure to disclose farmland holdings.

Another heated exchange unfolded in the Sokcho, Goseong, Inje, and Yangyang constituencies between Democratic Party candidate Kim Do-gyun and People’s Power Party candidate Lee Yang-soo. Kim accused Lee of registering crypto investments in his son’s name, with the investments now valued at over $18,200 across various cryptoassets. Kim labeled Lee’s investment as speculative and announced his party’s intention to launch a public inquiry into Lee’s alleged wrongdoing.

Counterclaims and IBP token issuance

In response, Lee refuted Kim’s allegations by highlighting Kim’s involvement with IBP, which reportedly issued its cryptoasset in 2019. Lee pointed out that Kim was the majority shareholder and a co-founder of IBP, suggesting potential conflicts of interest. Lee called for Kim to clarify the IBP token issuance, asserting that details remained unclear.

As South Korea braces for the upcoming parliamentary elections, accusations of crypto-related misconduct have ignited political tensions. Candidates from various parties have exchanged barbs over undisclosed crypto holdings, with some calling for their opponents to step down. 

These developments underscore the growing significance of cryptocurrency in the country’s political discourse and the challenges it poses for electoral transparency and accountability. With just days remaining until the polls open, the outcome of these allegations and their impact on voter sentiment remain to be seen.

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