South Korea nets $4.7M fighting crypto tax evasion


  • South Korea’s Gyeonggi province has implemented the Arbitrator Virtual Asset Tracking Electronic Management System to combat cryptocurrency tax evasion.
  • The system enhances tax compliance by tracing the personal information of tax delinquents.
  • A total of 5,910 tax delinquents with virtual asset accounts were identified, leading to the recovery of arrears from 2,390 individuals.


In a significant move to clamp down on cryptocurrency tax evasion, South Korea‘s Gyeonggi province has successfully implemented a novel system, the Arbitrator Virtual Asset Tracking Electronic Management System. This innovative approach has led to collection of approximately 6.2 billion won (~$4.7 million) in tax arrears in the past year, marking a substantial achievement in the region’s efforts to ensure tax compliance among virtual asset traders.

The system’s efficiency stems from its ability to trace the personal information of known tax delinquents, such as phone numbers, and cross-reference this data on cryptocurrency trading platforms. This method represents a significant improvement over previous practices, which could take up to six months to resolve a single case. By leveraging delinquent residents’ registration numbers, municipalities have been able to trace mobile phone numbers and, consequently, detect memberships in virtual currency exchanges with greater success.

South Korea recovers $4.7M in crypto taxes

The Arbitrator Virtual Asset Tracking Electronic Management System has identified 5,910 tax delinquents holding virtual asset accounts, including prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Out of these, the system has successfully facilitated the recovery of arrears from 2,390 individuals over the last year. This achievement underscores the system’s capability to enhance the detection and recovery of unpaid taxes from individuals trading in virtual assets yet claiming an inability to pay taxes.

The initiative is a testament to South Korea’s commitment to regulating the cryptocurrency market and ensuring a fair economic environment. The director of the tax bill has emphasized the government’s intention to continue enforcing strong collections to protect conscientious taxpayers and guarantee fair taxation. This stance is part of a broader national effort to regulate the cryptocurrency sector and mitigate illicit activities associated with virtual assets.

Regulatory framework and future prospects

The success of Gyeonggi province’s tracking system arrives at a pivotal moment for South Korea’s cryptocurrency regulation landscape. The nation has witnessed a 49% increase in suspicious crypto transactions in 2023 compared to the previous year, as reported by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). This surge in scrutiny, coupled with collaborative efforts with enforcement agencies, highlights South Korea’s resolve in combating illicit cryptocurrency activities.

South Korea is preparing for a significant regulatory overhaul with the impending Virtual Asset User Protection Act, slated to take effect in July 2024. The act introduces stringent penalties for illicit crypto gains, including life imprisonment for offenses exceeding $3.7 million. These measures are aligned with South Korea’s vision to establish a transparent and accountable crypto market, which Statista projects to generate $2.2 billion annually by 2027.

Integrating advanced technology and strict legal frameworks in Gyeonggi province’s tracking system is a promising model for other regions. This dynamic strategy not only safeguards the financial system’s integrity but also protects the interests of lawful taxpayers. As South Korea continues to refine its approach to cryptocurrency regulation, the success of this tracking system offers valuable insights into the effective enforcement of tax compliance in the digital age.

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