South Korea collaborates with Italy on CBDC initiatives – Why?


  • South Korea and Italy’s central banks sign an agreement to share knowledge on CBDCs and IT payment systems.
  • The partnership combines Italy’s focus on DLT-based transactions with South Korea’s extensive CBDC pilot program.
  • This collaboration highlights global interest in CBDCs, despite varying opinions on digital currency implementation.

In a strategic move that marks a significant step in the evolution of digital finance, South Korea’s central bank, the Bank of Korea, has forged a pivotal alliance with Italy’s Banca d’Italia.

This partnership, formalized through a memorandum of understanding, revolves around a mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise in the realms of IT and payment systems, with a keen focus on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

A Union of Technological Expertise and Innovation

The collaboration between the two nations is not just a routine international agreement; it represents a confluence of two distinct approaches towards CBDCs.

Italy, through its central bank, has been delving into solutions that emphasize interoperability in settling transactions based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) using hash-linked contracts.

This method deviates from the more common wholesale CBDC approach observed in other European countries. On the other hand, South Korea has been actively piloting its CBDC infrastructure since October, involving both private banks and public institutions, with technical support from the Bank for International Settlements.

This Memorandum of Understanding, inked by Luigi Federico Signorini, the General Manager of Banca d’Italia, signifies a mutual commitment to sharing insights on ICT issues related to real-time settlement systems and CBDCs.

This synergy is expected to yield innovative solutions, marrying Italy’s focus on DLT-based transaction settlements with South Korea’s holistic CBDC pilot program.

Divergent Perspectives and Future Implications

The collaboration comes at a time when the concept of CBDCs is gaining traction globally, yet facing staunch opposition from various quarters. In the European Union, some politicians have expressed strong reservations about CBDCs, citing concerns over privacy invasion.

Similarly, in the United States, public figures have voiced apprehensions about the potential implications of a U.S. CBDC, with some going as far as to label it a definitive endgame for financial autonomy.

Despite these opposing views, the partnership between South Korea and Italy represents a forward-thinking endeavor. South Korea is set to extend its CBDC pilot program to 100,000 citizens in 2024, pushing the boundaries of digital currency adoption.

This initiative, coupled with Italy’s progressive approach to DLT-based settlements, positions both countries at the forefront of CBDC research and development.

The joint efforts of South Korea and Italy in exploring and refining CBDC technologies are crucial in a world where digital currencies are increasingly seen as the future of financial transactions.

The collaboration is not just about the technical aspects of CBDCs; it’s about setting a precedent for international cooperation in developing financial technologies that are secure, efficient, and inclusive.

In essence, the memorandum of understanding between South Korea and Italy serves as a beacon of innovation in the global financial landscape. It is a bold step towards understanding and potentially integrating CBDCs into mainstream financial systems.

As these two nations embark on this journey, their collaboration could provide valuable insights and set standards for other countries contemplating their own CBDC initiatives.

The future of CBDCs may still be a matter of debate, but the partnership between South Korea and Italy ensures that if CBDCs are the way forward, the path will be paved with expertise, shared knowledge, and a vision for a digital financial future.

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