Solana’s leading DeFi protocol, Marinade, Restricts UK user access amidst compliance concerns

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  • Marinade Finance, Solana’s dominant DeFi player, has restricted UK users, citing “compliance concerns” with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) regulations.
  • This move, along with similar actions by Orca Finance, marks a significant change, with decentralized platforms now proactively adapting to regulatory landscapes.

In an unexpected turn of events, Marinade Finance, the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol operating on the Solana blockchain, has chosen to block its users in the United Kingdom. This decision, stemming from “compliance concerns” related to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, showcases the mounting pressure on crypto enterprises, even those decentralized.

Marinade’s preeminent position in Solana’s DeFi landscape

Marinade has risen to prominence with its remarkable influence on the Solana blockchain. Accounting for a lion’s share of the total value locked (TVL), the protocol has secured a staggering $248 million across its native and liquid staking products. This figure is particularly significant when one considers that the total assets locked across the entirety of the Solana blockchain amounts to roughly $350 million, as reported by the DeFi tracking platform, DefiLlama.

Launched earlier this year, Marinade’s native staking offerings have seen healthy adoption, providing annual yields of 8.15%. Liquid staking, though slightly trailing, is not far behind, offering returns at 7.7%.

Navigating the shifting sands of FCA regulations

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) latest rules, especially concerning promotional activities, have sent ripples throughout the crypto community. While the new regulations are specifically targeted at curtailing the marketing of cryptocurrency-related products and services, they have inadvertently led several entities to reconsider their operational strategies in the UK.

Upon accessing Marinade from a UK IP address, users are now greeted with a prominent warning message. However, the DeFi giant has ensured that its UK-based clientele aren’t left high and dry. The landing page, though restrictive, offers some solace, stating that “users may withdraw liquidity, claim delayed tickets, or delay unstake via our SDK.”

This recent move by Marinade isn’t an isolated incident. Orca Finance recognized as Solana’s largest decentralized exchange, has also implemented geo-blocking mechanisms for UK users. The overarching sentiment seems to be one of caution, with many platforms taking preventive measures to sidestep potential regulatory pitfalls.

Yet, what makes Marinade’s decision especially noteworthy is the general perception that decentralized protocols, primarily those that do not enforce know-your-customer (KYC) protocols, are immune to geographic restrictions. As the landscape changes, the lines separating centralized entities from their decentralized counterparts might be blurring.

Repercussions in the crypto ecosystem

The FCA’s tightening grip has been palpable across the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. Centralized players like Bybit and Paypal have opted to pull out from the UK market entirely. In a similar vein, the crypto behemoth, Binance, decided to hit the pause button on new UK sign-ups following the FCA’s promotional rules’ unveiling. Additionally, Luno, a prominent player in the crypto space, took the drastic step of barring certain customers from crypto investments.

Such strategic recalibrations highlight the ongoing tussle between regulatory authorities and the burgeoning crypto industry. The conundrum lies in striking the right balance – ensuring that the market is safeguarded from malicious actors while also fostering an environment conducive to technological innovation and growth.


For now, it remains to be seen how other DeFi platforms will navigate the evolving regulatory maze. Will they pivot and adapt, or will they, too, choose the path of geographical restriction? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the crypto world is watching intently.

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