Solana restarted for the 8th time. What went wrong this time?


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Solana undergoes its 8th restart
  • The network went offline for the 4th time this year
  • A validator cussed a misconfigured node

Solana has experienced yet another outage this year, making it the fourth time that the network has gone offline since the beginning of this year. According to several details of the issue, it was caused by a misconfigured node on the network. This main issue caused the network to switch offline, ensuring that transactions were not processed while the issue lasted. At the start of the year, the network had some partial outages, much to the frustration of trades across the network.

Solana goes offline for the 4th time this year

This recent crash on Solana is coming almost a year after the network saw a total crash that lasted more than 12 hours. In the same vein, the bearish market is not bearing well for the network token as it has taken a beating since the start of the year. It is trading at a more than 80% loss while maintaining the 9th spot in the market cap. At around 7 pm last night, a Twitter account that tracks the network’s performance alerted the public about a ‘degraded’ performance.

The account also noted that the company’s engineers were already on top of the issue to determine the cause. However, a while later, Solana released a statement that said that the network was experiencing some downtime and that transactions would not be processed while the issue persisted. The issue was caused by a misconfigured node, as mentioned earlier. This node caused a partition of the network to be lost.

A validator caused the node to malfunction

According to one of the validators on the Solana network, they figured that a validator was running a duplicate instance. This meant that when the validator turned to create a block, it created two for both instances. Since they were from the same validator, other validators saw one of the blocks while others saw the other one. With that, there was no consensus on which block was genuine or which one was a duplicate.

The validator mentioned that the issue should have been handled internally, but strangely, there was a partition on the network. Since the announcement, Solana has been working overtime to ensure the network returns to life. However, some minutes ago, the network appeared to have been restored. Meanwhile, it is still not confirmed if there has been a transaction as of yet on the network. From the time that the outage happened to when the network came back online, it took the team roughly six hours to fix the issue.

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