Solana Foundation reports remarkable growth in developer retention in 2023

Solana Foundation reports remarkable growth in developer retention in 2023

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  • Developer retention in Solana’s ecosystem rose to over 50% in 2023, driven by improved onboarding and opportunities.
  • Growth supported by 400-500 bootcamp graduates biannually and a 500% rise in job listings, maintaining 2,500-3,000 active developers.
  • SOL’s value surged over 1,000%, with Solana setting new records for user addresses and global hackathon participation.

The Solana Foundation recently released a report highlighting a significant rise in developer retention within its ecosystem. Throughout 2023, the retention rate of developers surged from 31% to over 50%. This growth is attributed to enhanced onboarding processes and expanding opportunities within the ecosystem. The assessment of this growth used a metric based on developers making at least one commit for three consecutive months.

Enhancements in developer experience

Another key factor in this upward trend is the influx of new talent from developer bootcamps. The report stated that between 400 and 500 developers are graduating from these programs biannually. Correspondingly, there has been a 500% increase in job listings related to the Solana ecosystem. According to GitHub data, this influx of skilled professionals helped maintain a consistent number of active developers, estimated between 2,500 to 3,000 monthly.

The Solana Foundation credited several factors for this positive change. Improved tooling for various programming languages and additional educational resources played a significant role. However, the foundation acknowledged that testing and debugging still require enhancements. The ecosystem’s global reach was also a contributing factor, with initiatives like SuperteamDAO extending to eight countries in 2023. The diverse global participation is evident in Solana hackathons and other events, with over 150 countries represented.

The Solana Foundation noted the vital role of hackathons in fostering innovation and development within the ecosystem. Over the past three years, more than 3,000 projects have launched, with over $600 million in funding raised for projects submitted to these hackathons. The most recent hackathon, Solana Hyperdrive, saw a record number of submissions exceeding 900.

Performance of SOL

The increased developer activity within the Solana ecosystem in 2023 coincided with a robust performance of Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL. According to The Block’s price data, SOL emerged as one of the top performers among major altcoins, witnessing an impressive growth of over 1,000% – from about $10 at the beginning of the year to $102 by its end. As of the report, SOL is trading at $101. December also saw Solana set new records for new and active monthly addresses amid the price rally.

The Solana Foundation’s efforts in nurturing a thriving developer community and the consequential positive trends in the ecosystem’s growth, and the SOL token’s performance are promising indicators for the future of this blockchain platform.

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