Solana DEX surpasses Ethereum in transaction volume in one week


  • Solana DEX has surpassed Ethereum in terms of transaction volumes recorded over the last seven days.
  •  Memecoins and NFTs continue to drive the ecosystem.

Solana’s decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have achieved a notable milestone, surpassing Ethereum in transaction volume over the last week. According to Defi Llama data, the DEXs recorded a total volume of $9.03 billion, outpacing Ethereum’s $8.836 billion in the same period. This achievement is attributed to the blockchain’s surging DEX activity, largely fueled by lower gas fees compared to Ethereum.

Solana DEX volume surge tied to lower gas fees

Solana’s rise to prominence became evident as memecoins like BONK gained substantial traction, dominating discussions and amassing a billion-dollar market capitalization. The momentum continued with Dogwifhat (WIF), another dog-themed coin experiencing a staggering 376,000% surge in just a month. Although its market capitalization briefly exceeded $250 million before settling at $204 million, the coin’s meteoric rise showcased the vibrancy of its ecosystem.

Decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap on Ethereum and Orca on Solana play a crucial role in facilitating peer-to-peer transactions for various cryptocurrencies, especially meme coins excluded from centralized exchanges. Traditionally, Ethereum held the lion’s share of DEX trading. However, the blockchain’s recent success can be attributed in part to its lower gas fees, making it an attractive platform for traders. Data from top DEXs, as aggregated by Dune, reveals that BONK and WIF are among the most traded tokens in the past week, excluding stablecoins.

These tokens, coupled with the platform’s native token SOL, have contributed to the blockchain’s positive momentum. SOL witnessed a surge, surpassing XRP on Wednesday and setting a new 2023 record by reaching over $80. At the time of writing, SOL has continued to rise, exceeding $89 according to CoinGecko. The community sees these developments, along with promising signs in its NFT ecosystem, as indicative of the blockchain’s ascent. However, despite these achievements, Solana still faces challenges.

Memecoins and NFTs continue to drive the ecosystem

While SOL’s market capitalization has seen recent gains, it remains just above $37 billion, considerably smaller than Ethereum’s market cap, which exceeds $268 billion – over seven times larger than Solana’s. The surge in Solana’s DEX activity underscores the impact of lower transaction costs on user preferences. Ethereum, though temporarily surpassed in the past week, maintains its position as a blockchain giant with a significantly larger market capitalization. The blockchain’s success in DEX volume reflects the growing interest in alternative blockchain networks, driven by factors such as lower fees and the popularity of meme coins.

The influence of meme coins like BONK and WIF on its ecosystem highlights the speculative nature of cryptocurrency markets. The rapid and substantial gains in these coins, often driven by community enthusiasm and social media trends, contribute to the overall vibrancy of Solana’s decentralized landscape. The ability to trade such tokens on DEXs without the constraints of centralized exchanges further adds to Solana’s appeal. The recent flipping of SOL surpassing XRP and breaking records in 2023 underscores the positive sentiment surrounding the blockchain.

However, the blockchain’s market capitalization, while growing, emphasizes the existing gap between Solana and Ethereum. Ethereum’s established position, extensive developer community, and diverse ecosystem contribute to its market dominance, presenting a significant hurdle for emerging blockchains like Solana. Solana’s NFT ecosystem, mentioned as another positive sign, indicates the platform’s versatility beyond DEXs. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become a prominent use case for blockchain technology, and Solana’s ability to foster NFT development further diversifies its offerings.

However, the overall success of a blockchain is multifaceted, requiring sustained growth across various metrics. Solana’s recent achievement in surpassing Ethereum in DEX volume is a notable milestone, showcasing the platform’s appeal to traders seeking lower transaction costs. The rise of meme coins like BONK and WIF has contributed to Solana’s momentum, and positive developments in the NFT ecosystem add to its versatility. Despite these successes, Solana faces the formidable challenge of closing the gap in market capitalization with Ethereum, highlighting the competitive landscape of the blockchain industry.

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