Unveiling the Wood, Softwood, and Hardwood Sources in Lightyear Frontier


  • Efficiently gather wood, softwood, and hardwood in Lightyear Frontier to fuel your crafting ventures and shape your cosmic homestead.
  • Explore diverse landscapes to find abundant clusters of Green and Yellow Trees for wood harvesting in Lightyear Frontier.
  • Establish sustainable practices like tree planting to ensure a steady influx of wood, softwood, and hardwood in Lightyear Frontier.

In the immersive world of Lightyear Frontier, mastering the art of resource gathering is paramount for any budding space farmer. Among the crucial materials needed for crafting and construction, wood, softwood, and hardwood stand out as indispensable commodities. 

Locating Wood and Softwood

Wood and softwood, pivotal components for various crafting endeavors, can be harvested from specific tree types scattered across the game’s diverse landscapes. Green Trees and Yellow Trees are the primary sources for acquiring wood, readily available in clusters across different zones. Utilizing the Spike Saw tool proves effective in swiftly collecting these resources, especially when trees are grouped closely.

For expedited wood gathering, venturing into the Yellow Forest presents an ideal opportunity. Though accessing this area may require tool upgrades, the abundant groves within offer ample supplies of wood for eager space farmers.

Acquiring Softwood

Softwood, a variant of wood essential for crafting, is predominantly sourced from trees like Pine. These trees are commonly found in early-game regions such as Pine Heights, providing a sustainable reservoir of softwood for various construction projects. Patience becomes a virtue as allowing the groves to replenish ensures a continuous supply of this valuable resource.

Harvesting Hardwood

Hardwood, a prized material unlocking advanced crafting options, demands a more refined approach. Equipped with an upgraded Spike Saw attachment, players can extract hardwood from Large Yellow Trees and Large Green Trees. Unlike their smaller counterparts, these trees yield hardwood upon felling, paving the way for diverse crafting possibilities like Birdhouses and Hardwood Fences.

Similar to wood, hardwood can be sourced from areas abundant in trees, such as the Yellow Forest, albeit from larger specimens. This ensures a consistent supply of hardwood alongside regular wood, facilitating expansive construction ventures within the game.

Sustainable resource management

In the expansive realms of Lightyear Frontier, efficient resource management is pivotal for sustained progress. While exploration remains a core aspect of the game, establishing sustainable practices for acquiring wood and softwood can significantly alleviate logistical constraints. Planting saplings obtained from harvested trees and nurturing them with the Sprout Cannon provides a reliable method for cultivating groves near home bases. This strategic approach minimizes the need for extensive expeditions, ensuring a steady influx of resources for ongoing endeavors.

In the dynamic universe of Lightyear Frontier, mastering the art of resource acquisition is fundamental for thriving as a space farmer. From wood to softwood and hardwood, each material serves as a cornerstone for construction and crafting ventures. By strategically locating and harvesting trees, players can establish sustainable practices to ensure a consistent supply of these essential resources. With diligence and strategic foresight, space farmers can embark on ambitious projects, shaping the cosmos to their whims within the captivating realm of Lightyear Frontier.

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