Silence Laboratories Secures $4.1 Million to Advance Cryptographic Security


  • Silence Laboratories raises $4.1 million to expand its cryptographic security efforts, focusing on multiparty computation (MPC) technology for enhanced data privacy and security.
  • The startup’s innovative MPC products, Silent Shard and Silent Compute, aim to facilitate secure data processing across various industries, including finance and healthcare, without exposing sensitive information.




In a significant boost to the field of cryptographic security, Silence Laboratories, a pioneering startup specializing in multiparty computation (MPC) technology, has successfully raised $4.1 million in a recent funding round. 

The investment, co-led by Pi Ventures and Kira Studio, with contributions from several angel investors, elevates the company’s total funding to $6 million. The infusion of capital is earmarked for scaling the team and enhancing the research and development pipeline, signaling a robust growth trajectory for the startup.

A leap in privacy and security

Founded in 2021 by a team of esteemed researchers, Dr. Jay Prakash (CEO), Dr. Andrei Bytes (CTO), and Dr. Tony Quek, Silence Laboratories emerged from over a decade of rigorous research and development in applied cryptography and application security. Initially starting as a multifactor authentication (MFA) company, Silence pivoted to focus on cryptographic security, addressing the critical need for privacy-preserving decentralized authorization and computation. The shift was driven by early customer interactions, particularly those developing digital asset-based products, highlighting the demand for solutions that prevent single points of failure and exposure of secrets, whether data is at rest or in use.

In an era where consumer concerns over data privacy are escalating and regulatory bodies worldwide are intensifying data privacy mandates, corporations face the pressing challenge of managing and safeguarding collected data against potential breaches. Silence Laboratories’ innovative use of MPC technology offers a timely solution, enabling collaborative data processing without compromising sensitive information, thus bolstering compliance and trust.

Innovative products and expanding market reach

Silent Shard and Silent Compute: Pioneering MPC Products

Silence Laboratories has developed two flagship products leveraging MPC technology: Silent Shard and Silent Compute. Silent Shard, which has undergone a security audit by Trail of Bits, allows enterprises to minimize the risk of exposing sensitive private keys and to implement sophisticated authorization rules. Meanwhile, Silent Compute facilitates secure collaborative data processing among corporations without disclosing private information to third parties, enhancing insights while maintaining compliance and trust.

Operating on a B2B licensing model, Silence Laboratories caters to a wide array of sectors, including digital assets, finance, healthcare, and telecommunications. With over 20 enterprise customers, including notable names like BitGo, MetaMask, and EigenLayer, the startup is poised for further expansion. Upcoming partnerships across financial, anti-money laundering, and healthcare sectors are expected to broaden the startup’s impact.

Silence Laboratories financial performance and market potential

With an annual recurring revenue of approximately $500,000, Silence Laboratories adopts a flexible pricing model based on the scale of the enterprise and the features required. The strategy accommodates a broad spectrum of clients, from large enterprises seeking niche features to early-stage companies in need of support.

The integration of MPC capabilities by major crypto firms through acquisitions, such as Coinbase’s purchase of Unbound Security and Blockdaemon’s acquisition of Sepior, underscores the growing importance of MPC technology. The market for privacy-enhancing technologies, including MPC, is projected to reach $25.8 billion by 2033, a significant increase from $2.4 billion in 2023.

The success of Silence Laboratories in securing funding reflects a growing recognition of the importance of privacy-preserving technologies. As the company continues to innovate in the realms of privacy and authentication infrastructure, its contributions are set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of cryptographic security, blockchain, and fintech. With the potential to facilitate richer collaborations and improve data quality and analysis, Silence Laboratories stands at the forefront of a transformative wave in digital security and privacy.


Silence Laboratories’ successful funding round marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of cryptographic security, particularly through the innovative use of multiparty computation (MPC) technology. With a significant investment aimed at expanding its team and R&D efforts, the startup is well-positioned to lead in the development of privacy-preserving solutions that meet the growing global demand for data protection.

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