Shibarium’s network disruption: Validator woes and downtime

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  • Shibarium faced a temporary network disruption due to validators’ issues, impacting services like Shibarium Scan and external RPCs.
  • Kaal Dhairya outlined measures to address Shibarium’s downtime, urging collaboration among developers for swift resolutions.
  • Despite past and recent technical challenges, Shibarium saw a surge in daily account creation, highlighting its growing popularity.

The official layer-2 blockchain of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, Shibarium, sustained a temporary network disruption over the weekend, which was, among other things, responsible for Shibarium’s consequent downtime. The disruption was associated with networking malfunctions among Shibarium validators, the individuals who confirm transactions and preserve the network’s integrity. Sadly, the problem lasted for hours before it was fixed. The Shibarium Scan services and external RPCs, which may be related to Shibarium, are still down compared to the others.

Root cause and resolution

Kaal Dhairya, an accomplished developer, shared that the only reason for the outage was the network problems among the Shibarium validators. The validators, which are essential to network integrity and transaction precision, were burdened by interruptions, consequently causing the Shibarium to have a performance setback temporarily. Shibarium, not lying low, will continue to develop its services so they can be fully accessible soon.

Dhairya grouped the undertaking of special measures that would help shorten the current downtime of these business services. Until these points are addressed, the Shibariumscan and the External RPCs are expected to stay off. As a result, the founder has asked fellow gatekeepers to join developer teams that work on Shibarium in shared Telegram/Slack channels for joint actions.

The network’s disruption was momentary after Shibarium experienced a skyrocketing daily user increase. On 13th April, the L2 network hit a new record with the registration of 13,314 new accounts. The total account count reached 102,303, hitting the 100K mark. Now, this supply expansion is the highest rate of daily accounts since Shibarium started in August 2023.

Shibarium faces technical hurdles, past and present

This latest failure is not the only one Shibarium has experienced in the past seven days since the start of its operations. In August 2023, just after launch, Shibarium had a serious technical problem when its mainnet RPC went offline. However, it led to the network being switched to private mode, with the developers working tirelessly to solve the problem. After an arduous two-week scaling rite, Shibarium was birthed and has remained viable since then from the mainnet.

Shibarium suffered a temporary network outage due to networking issues with the validators, which is fixed, but as of now, some services are still having issues related to Shibarium. The spike in daily account creation, which occurred prior to the disruption, illuminates just how popular the Shiba Inu network was within that particular ecosystem at that time. This particular event illustrates the hidden difficulties of ensuring security and operational smoothness, which are still the main goals even if the networks expand and are on the rise.

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