Seth Green loses his 4 NFTs in a Phishing scam; begs not to buy them.

Seth Green

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  • American celebrity Seth Green lost his four NFTs due to hacking.
  • Hackers sold his NFTs to different buyers.
  • Seth Green informs his followers through Twitter to refrain from buying through those suspicious forums.

In a recent advancement, a significant incident has occurred. A renowned American actor, Seth Green, has lost his four NFTs. He has fallen victim to hacking that has stolen his NFTs. Seth Green has shown recent involvement in the arena of NFTs. However, he experienced a negative aspect of getting involved in a digital world. Seth Green is not an ordinary man. He is a director, writer, actor, and producer. However, even his fame and resources could not help him save his digital assets.

NFT is a new technology that has spread across the globe. It is an acronym for non-fungible tokens and a principal constituent of the Ethereum blockchain. Although Ethereum is similar to bitcoin, it has some additional features. NFTs are primarily in digital form, including drawing, music, logos, etc. In this medium, fine art takes the form of a digital one. 

 It is astonishing how these arts are selling at such exorbitant prices. People are skeptical about its existence and future. Some say it is fragile and can pop at any time. It will have a long-lasting effect on digital technology. 

Seth Green: Hollywood star has lost his NFTs

A famous Hollywood actor, Seth Green, has lost his four NFTs to hackers. He delivered this sad news through Twitter, reflecting his dismay related to this unanticipated event. Before yesterday, he was the owner of four NFTs, from Opensea, Doodle, BoredApeYC, and Yugalabs. Seth Green is an excellent Hollywood star and has done many famous movies, including Robot Chicken and Party Monsters. However, this versatile actor informed his fan via Twitter about his loss through a phishing attack.

Seth Green has lost a handsome amount due to a breach in his private space. According to reports, he has lost Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs worth $200k, another two Ape Yacht Club NFTs that amount to $40k each, and a Doodle NFTs worth $28,000. It is a negative side of cryptocurrency and NFTs that have no central and legal authority to look into these matters of faulty transactions. Victims have no alternate option to reverse such transactions. A similar situation just happened with Seth Green. 

Seth Green’s encounter with Hackers

Seth Green has also launched his collection of NFT, called Pizzabots. The incident happened approximately nine days ago. The stolen NFTs were from Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, and Doodles. The hacker has already sold his NFTs, one worth $200,000 and the other one $42,200. Such incidents are common in NFTs. Seth Green’s Bored Ape NFT was sold to another buyer by a third party. 

Hackers attacked his premises when he connected his wallet to a site to buy Gutter Clone NFTs. He reportedly got some fraudulent messages that coaxed him and pretended to be legal. He revealed his sensitive information to hackers. It eventually gave access to his private information. The hacker stole all the sensitive and personal data and corrupted the system with malicious software, such as ransomware. Later, he informed his fan not to purchase certain NFTs until things were back on track. He instructed millions of fans to refrain from buying NFTs from any specific site. Furthermore, he also explained the different prices of those stolen NFTs. 


Many prominent names of the celebrities are part of the NFT community, including Eminem, Neymar, Serena Williams, and others.NFT is a digital asset representing different forms of art, music, etc. Cryptocurrency is a medium to buy and sell these NFTs. Recently, it has gained popularity among the masses. Seth Green has recently revealed his association with NFTs. However, he got himself plunged into the most notorious feature of the digital world, which is hacking. He lost his NFTs to hackers who breached his private space and even sold his NFTs to different buyers. Meanwhile, Seth Green warns his followers about this illegal activity. However, NFTs should introduce a system to analyze suspicious transitions to avoid such situations in the future.

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