Senators call on SEC to halt approval of crypto ETFs


  • Senators want SEC to stop approving risky crypto ETFs.
  • UK judge says Craig Wright isn’t Bitcoin’s creator.
  • Prosecutors seek 40-50 years for Sam Bankman-Fried’s crimes.

In a letter addressed to Gary Gensler, chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Senators Jack Reed and Laphonza Butler expressed concerns over approving further cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The senators cited “enormous risks” to retail investors, warning of potential exposure to thinly traded markets susceptible to fraud and manipulation. The March 11 letter emphasized the need for regulatory scrutiny of existing Bitcoin (BTC) ETF products and urged specific measures to safeguard investors’ interests.

Senators sound alarm on crypto ETFs

In correspondence with SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, Senators Jack Reed and Laphonza Butler raised red flags concerning approving additional cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Citing inherent risks to retail investors, particularly in thinly traded markets vulnerable to fraud and manipulation, the senators called for heightened regulatory oversight. They emphasized the urgency of implementing stringent measures to safeguard investors’ interests and scrutinize existing BTC ETF products.

The concerns raised by Senators Jack Reed and Laphonza Butler regarding the approval of cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) underscore a growing debate over the regulation and oversight of digital assets in the financial markets. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to surge, policymakers and regulatory agencies face mounting pressure to establish clear guidelines to protect investors and maintain market integrity.

The senators’ letter to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler reflects broader apprehensions within the financial community about the potential risks associated with ETFs based on digital assets. While cryptocurrencies offer opportunities for innovation and investment, they also present unique challenges due to their decentralized nature and susceptibility to market manipulation. Thinly traded markets, in particular, pose significant concerns, as they may lack the liquidity and transparency necessary for effective price discovery and investor protection.

Interests in crypto ETFs

The timing of the senators’ communication coincides with a period of heightened interest in cryptocurrency ETFs, as evidenced by the numerous applications pending approval by the SEC. With eight proposed spot Ether ETFs awaiting regulatory clearance, policymakers face critical decisions about the future of these investment vehicles and their implications for market stability and investor confidence.

In urging the SEC to exercise caution in approving additional crypto ETFs, Senators Reed and Butler underscore the importance of thorough due diligence and regulatory scrutiny. By prioritizing investor protection and market integrity, regulators can mitigate the potential risks associated with these complex financial products and promote a more transparent and accountable marketplace for digital assets.

Furthermore, the senators’ call for specific measures to enhance oversight of existing BTC ETF products reflects a proactive approach to addressing potential vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By holding ETF brokers and advisers accountable for their conduct and practices, regulators can strengthen investor confidence and deter fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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