SEI joins Korean Won and Bitcoin markets on Upbit’s trading platform



  • South Korea’s top digital asset exchange, Upbit, is set to introduce SEI trading, expanding its portfolio and catering to its global users.
  • The Sei Network is the only platform that supports SEI deposits, distinguishing it from other networks like BSC.
  • Upbit has scheduled the commencement of SEI deposits and withdrawals for August 15th, 2023, at 21:00 KST.

Upbit, South Korea’s leading global digital asset exchange, has announced its plans to introduce SEI trading. This decision comes as the exchange seeks to diversify its trading portfolio and cater to the evolving needs of its global clientele. Consequently, the Korean Won and Bitcoin (BTC) markets are set to welcome a new entrant, SEI.

Moreover, the Sei Network is the sole platform supporting SEI deposits. It’s crucial to note that other networks, like BSC, don’t offer this compatibility. Hence, this exclusivity positions the Sei Network as a pivotal player in the SEI trading ecosystem.

South Korea’s cryptocurrency landscape is buzzing with anticipation. Upbit, being a South Korean exchange, is eager to offer SEI trading to its vast customer base. Significantly, the exchange has earmarked August 15th, 2023, at 21:00 KST, as the official time to kickstart SEI deposits and withdrawals.

However, there’s a caveat for enthusiastic traders. While SEI deposits are now open, there’s a verification process in place. Until the SEI reference price finds its spot on CoinMarketCap or Upbit’s SEI trading becomes fully functional, all SEI deposits will undergo the Travel Rule solution verification. 

Safety remains paramount for Upbit. The exchange has always been meticulous about introducing new digital assets. Firstly, they will announce the exact time when transaction support will commence.

A 5-minute cap on purchase orders will also be imposed to maintain market stability whenever they introduce a new digital asset. Following this, for the next 60 minutes, market pricing and pre-orders will remain static.

Before diving into SEI trading, investors must exercise due diligence. Ensuring their virtual currency service provider aligns with Upbit’s accepted list is imperative. Given the unpredictable nature of the digital asset market, Upbit has a word of caution for its traders. The exchange strongly advises its users to trade carefully while navigating the digital asset waters.

Delving deeper into SEI, it emerges as a cornerstone in the DeFi sector. SEI is the native coin of the Sei layer 1 blockchain, a project carving a niche in the decentralized finance domain. The primary objective of this initiative is to lay a robust foundation for decentralized financial transactions.

It aims to do this by offering a transaction execution engine tailored for decentralized applications on its network. Besides serving as a medium for digital asset transactions, SEI plays a multifaceted role. It’s instrumental in transaction fees, validator staking, and even on-chain governance.

Upbit’s decision to introduce SEI trading is a testament to the exchange’s forward-thinking approach. As the digital asset landscape evolves, exchanges like Upbit are at the forefront, driving innovation and offering unparalleled trading experiences. With SEI’s introduction, the DeFi industry is set to witness exciting times ahead.

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