Samsung Unveils Innovative Ballie Robot with Projection Capabilities at CES 2024

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  • Samsung’s upgraded Ballie robot wows CES 2024 with its new projection abilities, making it a versatile home companion.
  • Ballie seamlessly combines projection features with smart home control, adjusting to user preferences and following them around.
  • Despite the impressive video presentation, Samsung has not disclosed release details, leaving tech enthusiasts eager for more information.


Samsung has made waves at CES 2024 with unveiling an upgraded version of its Ballie robot, featuring a groundbreaking new projection feature. The tech giant showcased this innovative development in a captivating video presentation, illustrating Ballie’s newfound ability to project images and videos onto various surfaces as it navigates through a home.

Samsung has transformed the Ballie robot, initially introduced at CES 2020, into a versatile projector that can dynamically adapt to its surroundings. This technological marvel is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, offering many exciting possibilities.

Dynamic projection in action

Ballie demonstrated its projection prowess during the presentation with a series of engaging scenarios. It played a video of a bird for a delighted dog, bringing pet entertainment to a new level. On a wall, it displayed a video call, presenting a futuristic way of communication. For fitness enthusiasts, Ballie exhibited its ability to show workout videos, enhancing the home exercise experience.

One remarkable feature is Ballie’s capability to adjust projections automatically, considering its distance from walls and ambient lighting conditions. This innovation ensures an optimal viewing experience for users, regardless of their environment. Moreover, it’s the first projector in the world to detect people’s posture and facial angles, fine-tuning the projection angle for maximum comfort and convenience.

Your smart home assistant

Beyond its projection abilities, Ballie takes on the role of a smart home assistant. It can effortlessly control various devices, including air conditioners, lights, laundry machines, and more. This functionality adds a layer of convenience and automation to your daily routines.

In the video, Ballie showcased its versatility by turning on lights, dispensing dog food, and even sending text messages to inform you about its activities. This blend of projection and smart home control ensures that Ballie seamlessly integrates into your daily life, making it a robot and a valuable household companion.

One of Ballie’s standout features is its ability to follow you throughout your home, ensuring it’s right where you need it. Whether moving from room to room or coming in through the front door, Ballie is there to greet you and assist you as needed. This level of mobility and responsiveness sets it apart in the world of home automation.

The future of entertainment

Towards the end of the video presentation, Ballie showcased its creative potential by projecting a cosmic scene onto the ceiling above an actor’s bed. This feature hints at the exciting possibilities for entertainment and immersive experiences that Ballie could offer.

While the video presentation was undoubtedly captivating, it left many questions unanswered. Unlike CES 2020, where Samsung physically demonstrated Ballie on stage, the 2024 presentation was limited to the video format. Unfortunately, Samsung did not provide specific details regarding when or if the upgraded Ballie robot would be released, leaving tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipating further information.

Samsung’s latest innovation, the upgraded Ballie robot with projection capabilities, has taken center stage at CES 2024. This multifunctional robot has the potential to redefine how we interact with technology within our homes, offering dynamic projection and smart home assistant features. While the video presentation was compelling, the lack of release details leaves the tech world in suspense.

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