Samsung Unveils BESPOKE AI Home Appliance Lineup: A Game-Changer in Smart Living


  • Samsung’s BESPOKE AI lineup brings smart tech to homes with 14 new appliances, making daily tasks easier.
  • Features like touchscreen displays, SmartThings integration, and AI capabilities redefine convenience and efficiency.
  • Samsung’s innovations promise a smarter, more connected home experience, from smart refrigerators to AI-powered vacuum cleaners.

With the global launch of its innovative BESPOKE AI lineup, Samsung has leaped forward in home appliance technology. This cutting-edge range, introduced at CES 2024, encompasses 14 new products to revolutionize household tasks. With an emphasis on connectivity, convenience, and intelligence, Samsung’s latest offerings are poised to redefine the modern home experience.

Central to the BESPOKE AI lineup is integrating SmartThings connectivity across most appliances. This strategic move empowers users with seamless control and monitoring capabilities, elevating mundane tasks to new levels of efficiency and convenience. Samsung DX CEI JK Han emphasized that these appliances offer more than just basic functionality, boasting features that streamline daily routines and enhance the overall living environment.

Samsung’s BESPOKE AI lineup delivers intelligent solutions from the kitchen to the laundry room. The flagship 4-Door Flex AI Family Hub+ Refrigerator stands out with its colossal 32-inch touchscreen and internal camera, providing a glimpse into the future of food management. With features like inventory tracking, recipe suggestions, and smart home integration, this refrigerator transcends its traditional role to become a culinary inspiration and organization hub.

Innovative solutions for modern lifestyles

Beyond the kitchen, Samsung offers a range of AI-powered appliances tailored to diverse household needs. The Bespoke Infinite Induction Line simplifies cooking with its intuitive touchscreen interface. At the same time, the Bespoke Slide-in Range with AI Home elevates the culinary experience with built-in microwave functionality and seamless connectivity to Samsung TVs.

In the laundry room, the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo redefines convenience with its dual washer and dryer capabilities, complemented by a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Meanwhile, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo sets new standards in automated cleaning, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to navigate homes intelligently and efficiently.

Samsung’s commitment to user-centric design extends beyond individual appliances to encompass the entire home ecosystem. The SmartThings 3D Map View Update enhances usability by providing a comprehensive overview of connected devices, while Mobile Smart Connect simplifies control with intuitive smartphone integration. With features like Calm Onboarding, Samsung ensures a hassle-free setup experience for users, seamlessly integrating new products into their smart home network.

The future of home appliance innovation

As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the BESPOKE AI lineup represents a milestone in the evolution of home appliances. With its emphasis on connectivity, intelligence, and user-centric design, Samsung sets a new standard for convenience and efficiency in the modern home. Whether streamlining household chores or enhancing culinary creativity, the BESPOKE AI lineup promises to transform how we live and interact with our living spaces.

Samsung has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation and quality by introducing its BESPOKE AI home appliance lineup globally. Using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and SmartThings connection, Samsung offers smart solutions that improve and simplify daily living. As consumers embrace the possibilities of a smarter, more connected home, Samsung remains at the forefront of the home appliance industry, shaping the future of domestic living one innovation at a time.

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