Samsung India Targets 70% of Smart Appliance Sales by 2025


  • Samsung India aims for 70% smart appliance sales by 2025, highlighting tech adoption.
  • AI and connectivity are transforming Indian homes, with Samsung’s ‘Bespoke’ leading the charge.
  • Samsung faces challenges in privacy and tech innovation but sees a massive opportunity in India’s growing tech-savvy market.

By making a bold move which is nothing but a major change of the consumer electronics market in India, Samsung India has pledged that 70% of its appliance sales will be coming from smart, Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered products till 2025. This policy is a demonstration of the enterprise’s view on the relevance of new technologies nowadays and the latest trend in the customer behavior of one of its key markets.

Bringing AI-assisted apparatus into the forefront

Artificial Intelligence (AI) advanced devices accommodate many Indian tech-savvy people and eventually, their AI powered devices are sold out by Samsung India. This resulted in rapid customer interest, which also made the company develop a line of smart appliances, which now include washers, refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners used in residential properties. The ‘Bespoke’ series, a brand new AI-enabled product family is the key facet of the strategically driven campaign to leverage AI technology across many appliance categories and in turn position Samsung as the premium brand of the market.

Saurabh Baishakhia, Samsung India’s Senior Director of Digital Appliance Department, said that it is expanding recognition among various parts of the society. In the beginning, smart appliances were limited to one sector only while the consumers were used to their stand-alone counterparts and couldn’t imagine these smart features integrated into their devices of daily use. 

connectivity and intelligence have become irreplaceable components for smart devices and consumers have started appreciating the benefits. The ‘Bespoke’ collection serves as the core strategy growth, as it represents the vivid future amplification of smart and green-powered homes. The innovation of smart traffic systems can be referred to as a smart move towards a smarter future.

By focusing on AI-powered appliances, we do not for a moment think this choice is only taking a place in the existing market trends but it is rather a chosen strategic step to capturing the fast-growing area of premium appliances. 

The sales director of Baishakiya has shown a positive attitude with a sales rise of 70% till the year 2025. She mentioned the high selling rate of premium quality products boosting the consumers’ willingness to invest. With the affordability issue being eliminated, Samsung is going to be able to help and even cause the demand expansion in its very segment.

This change in smart appliances as a major trend is just as much aligned with its broader ambitions of inspiring the citizens to live wise and save energy. JB Park, President & CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia, highlighted the dual benefits of the Bespoke AI range: promoting energy efficiency and green lifestyles within Indian households, and ensuring ecological care as well. Consistency in Asia’s manufacture of these components highlights the ambitions of Samsung for local market expansion and innovation advancement.

Challenges and opportunities ahead

Samsung India encountering its significant ambitions grasps both challenges and opportunities. The fast pace of technological innovation requires the company to constantly be searching for value propositions, including defending existing (temporary) advantages, making hopefully everything obsolete. However, AI integration into the house appliance raises questions such as privacy, and thus, Samsung has to address this issue to not lose the trust of consumers.

On one side, the problem is the opportunity. The Indian Market presents a significant opportunity that involves a large customer base that is on the rise when it comes to technology and technology adoption. Samsung is to lead the premise lineup in smart appliances and apart from that, it will position itself as a market leader and it too will contribute to trend-setting that ultimately will decide the course of the future of home living.

Samsung in India which aims to have its sales revenues from AI-driven smart appliances at 70% by 2025 is the company’s way of showing itself not only by foretelling the market scenario but also by being swift to adapt itself to the changing market dynamics.

As consumers gradually discover the benefits of an eased lifestyle, greater efficiency, and sustainability of smart devices, Samsung’s focus on new technologies appears to be prosperous and promising. This suggests that the ambitions of this company for the future aren’t detached from fact and could even become reality. The advent of smart IOT in India on the path of smarter and connected homes has already begun, with Samsung leading the way.

Original Story From https://www.business-standard.com/companies/news/samsung-india-s-70-of-appliances-sales-to-be-from-smart-products-by-2025-124040300676_1.html

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