Samsung Unveils Record-Breaking Array of AI Projects at CES 2024


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  • At CES 2024, Samsung showcased a record-breaking 15 innovative AI projects from its C-Lab, the highest number ever displayed. These projects, including ‘FIVA’ and ‘VRIN 3D’, represent a diverse range of applications harnessing AI technologies.
  • Several C-Lab projects, such as RebuilderAI’s ‘VRIN 3D’, received accolades, including the prestigious CES 2024 Innovation Award. Samsung’s C-Lab projects won a total of 23 awards, highlighting the impact and recognition of their innovative AI solutions.
  • The showcased projects, like ‘Style Bot’ and ‘Yellosis’, demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to exploring diverse applications of AI, from personalized fashion recommendations to smart toilet technology for urine analysis.

In a groundbreaking display at CES 2024, Samsung Electronics proudly presented a groundbreaking array of 15 AI projects from its in-house venture and startup accelerator, C-Lab. The Samsung Creative Lab featured a diverse lineup, marking a significant milestone with the highest number of C-Lab projects ever unveiled at a single CES event. This year’s showcase not only emphasized the prowess of Samsung in the AI landscape but also showcased the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Samsung’s C-Lab projects take center stage

Samsung’s Venture into the Metaverse Fitness World – Under the leadership of Goose Labs, a prominent spin-off from Samsung’s C-Lab, the project ‘FIVA’ took the limelight at CES 2024. ‘FIVA’ stands as an AI-powered metaverse home fitness app, redefining how users engage with exercise in virtual realms. The app utilizes AI motion detection to mirror users’ movements, transforming workouts into an enjoyable part of daily life within the metaverse. This innovative approach aims to make exercise less daunting and more personalized.

RebuilderAI’s VRIN 3D: A Revolution in Content Creation – One standout startup from Samsung’s C-Lab Outside program was RebuilderAI, showcasing its revolutionary AI technology, ‘VRIN 3D’. This innovation secured the coveted CES 2024 Innovation Award, acknowledging the significant impact of RebuilderAI’s solution. ‘VRIN 3D’ enables the creation of high-quality 3D content using just a smartphone, presenting a groundbreaking leap in content creation technology. Visitors at RebuilderAI’s booth experienced firsthand the ease of transforming selfies into 3D models using the VRIN 3D mobile app, showcasing the potential for widespread accessibility to 3D modeling with the aid of AI.

Accolades and Recognition for Samsung’s C-Lab Projects – The recognition of Samsung’s commitment to innovation was further solidified with the impressive array of awards earned by C-Lab projects at CES 2024. Notably, RebuilderAI’s ‘VRIN 3D’ clinched the Innovation Award, underlining the pioneering role of AI in democratizing 3D content creation. Samsung’s C-Lab projects, including ‘Style Bot’ and ‘Yellosis’, collectively garnered one Best of Innovation Award and 22 Innovation Awards, emphasizing the broad impact and recognition these projects received at the prestigious event.

Diverse AI applications

The showcased projects extended beyond entertainment and content creation. ‘Style Bot’ emerged as a customized AI fashion recommendation service, utilizing AI algorithms to enhance personal style choices. The convergence of technology and fashion underscores Samsung’s commitment to exploring diverse applications of AI in everyday life.

On a more unconventional note, ‘Yellosis’ represented a foray into health technology with its smart toilet technology designed for urine analysis. This innovative approach to health monitoring demonstrates Samsung’s willingness to explore unconventional applications for AI, addressing health and wellness in an unexpected yet practical manner.

As Samsung continues to lead the charge in the AI frontier, the diverse range of C-Lab projects showcased at CES 2024 reflects the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The recognition and accolades received by these projects underscore the impact they’ve had on the tech industry. As we delve deeper into the possibilities offered by AI, one cannot help but wonder: What other groundbreaking applications and innovations will Samsung and its C-Lab unveil in the coming years, reshaping our interaction with technology and everyday life?

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