Breaking News: Sam Altman to Make a Comeback as CEO of OpenAI


  • Sam Altman, ousted as OpenAI’s CEO, is set to return following a boardroom upheaval that led to chaos within the company.
  • An “agreement in principle” has been reached for Altman’s return, alongside former president Greg Brockman, overcoming initial resistance from a faction of the board.
  • A new board, including Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo, will oversee the reset of OpenAI’s governance, with Microsoft seeking a seat on the expanded board.

Sam Altman, the co-founder and former CEO of OpenAI, is poised to make a return as the leader of the innovative artificial intelligence company. A recent tweet from the company revealed that they have reached an “agreement in principle” for Altman’s return as CEO, introducing a new initial board consisting of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. While specific details are yet to be disclosed, this development adds a new layer to the unfolding narrative of OpenAI’s corporate dynamics.

This announcement follows a tumultuous period characterized by an attempted boardroom coup, leading to the resignation of key personnel, including former president Greg Brockman. The tech community has been eagerly anticipating the resolution of OpenAI’s internal strife.

The real news, yet, is that OpenAI has declared an “agreement in principle” for Sam Altman’s return, accompanied by a new board comprising notable figures. This development seeks to bring stability and order to a company that has recently been marred by internal disputes and external pressure, especially from major investor Microsoft.

The agreement and the new board

The initial steps toward resolution involve a compact board consisting of Taylor, Summers, and D’Angelo. Sources close to the negotiations reveal that their primary responsibility is to vet and appoint an expanded board of up to nine individuals, aiming to reset OpenAI’s governance. Microsoft, having invested significantly in the company, is keen on securing a seat on this expanded board. CEO Satya Nadella expressed a desire to avoid further surprises, emphasizing the need for a stable and well-informed governance structure.

Notably, the return of Altman and Brockman has received positive feedback from major stakeholders. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, took to Twitter to express encouragement for the changes in the OpenAI board, envisioning a more stable and effective governance model. Thrive Capital, another significant investor, echoed this sentiment, deeming Altman’s return as the best outcome for the company and its global impact on AI technology.

The unraveling saga and Sam Altman’s unexpected return

Altman’s return to the CEO position comes as a shock, considering the apparent resolve of OpenAI’s nonprofit board to oust him. The initial decision led to a rapid succession of interim CEOs, as the board sought to avoid reinstating Altman. Yet, OpenAI’s employees revolted, even threatening to defect to Microsoft with Altman and Brockman if the board did not step down.

Throughout the saga, the reasons behind Altman’s dismissal remained shrouded in mystery, with the opposing board members withholding detailed explanations despite potential legal repercussions. The unexpected shift in allegiance by board member Ilya Sutskever on Sunday added to the vulnerability of the remaining dissenting members. Interim CEO Emmett Shear, appointed during the crisis, had demanded evidence of wrongdoing to support Altman’s firing, threatening resignation if not provided.

Sam Altman’s resurgence and OpenAI’s next chapter

As the dust begins to settle, the return of Sam Altman to OpenAI’s leadership raises crucial questions about the internal dynamics, governance, and decision-making processes within the organization. The unexpected twists and turns of this saga have left the tech community eagerly awaiting further developments, akin to a suspenseful chapter in the evolving narrative of artificial intelligence.

How will Altman’s return impact the company’s trajectory, and what measures will be taken to ensure stability and unity moving forward? The evolving narrative, currently in the throes of development, holds the promise of uncovering further surprises and laying bare the profound implications of this unprecedented sequence of events in the domain of OpenAI. Keep an eye out for updates as the story continues to unfold.

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