SafePal Revolutionizes Crypto Banking with New Gateway and Visa Card


  • SafePal collaborates with Fiat24 to launch a crypto-friendly banking gateway and Visa card, aiming to blend traditional banking convenience with the innovation of cryptocurrencies, ensuring compliance with Swiss regulations.
  • The service, initially available in select European regions, plans for global expansion and the addition of Mastercard services, offering users a seamless, secure, and inclusive banking experience with cryptocurrencies.

SafePal, a pioneer in the cryptocurrency wallet space, has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of its first-ever crypto-friendly banking gateway and Visa card. The innovative venture, realized through a strategic partnership with Swiss bank Fiat24, is set to transform how users interact with their digital assets, merging the convenience of traditional banking with the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency. The move aligns with SafePal’s mission to enhance the accessibility of cryptocurrencies and foster their adoption in everyday transactions.

The collaboration with Fiat24 not only underscores SafePal’s commitment to innovation but also ensures compliance with the stringent regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). By keeping registration data and cash accounts managed under strict security protocols, SafePal and Fiat24 prioritize user privacy and the integrity of decentralized finance. The initiative promises to open new avenues for users, allowing them to manage their finances in a crypto-friendly environment without compromising on security or convenience.

Global expansion and accessibility

Initially rolling out to select European regions, the banking gateway and Visa card services are poised for a broader expansion across the continent and beyond, excluding only the USA and countries under US sanctions. The phased approach ensures that SafePal can navigate the complex regulatory landscapes of different regions while providing users with a seamless and compliant banking experience. The anticipation of extending these services globally underscores SafePal’s vision of a world where cryptocurrency is as accessible and straightforward to use as traditional fiat currencies.

In a move to further enhance global accessibility, SafePal and Fiat24 are gearing up to introduce Mastercard services in the third quarter of the year. The expansion is a testament to their commitment to providing users worldwide with a comprehensive crypto-friendly banking solution. By integrating both Visa and Mastercard services, SafePal aims to cater to a wider audience, ensuring that users have the flexibility to choose the service that best fits their needs, thereby promoting a more inclusive digital economy.

Feature-Rich Banking gateway and visa card

SafePal’s banking gateway and Visa card come packed with features designed to provide a frictionless experience for crypto enthusiasts. With no annual fees, users can open and maintain Swiss bank accounts, enjoying the benefits of a traditional bank account without the usual constraints. This approach not only democratizes access to banking services but also aligns with the ethos of cryptocurrency, offering freedom and control over one’s financial assets.

The integration of cryptocurrencies into daily life is further facilitated through the virtual Visa card, which supports major third-party payment platforms. This means users can easily spend their crypto holdings for everyday expenses, bridging the gap between digital and fiat currencies. The on-chain transparency feature, where account credentials are minted as NFTs on Arbitrum, adds a layer of security and transparency, ensuring that all transactions are recorded on a transparent, immutable ledger.

SafePal enhancing User experience with tiered benefits

To make the banking experience even more rewarding, SafePal introduces a tiered system where users can enjoy various benefits based on their account activity. From account top-ups to referrals and staking $SFP tokens, there are multiple ways for users to enhance their account tiers and unlock additional perks. This system not only incentivizes user engagement but also fosters a sense of community among SafePal users, encouraging them to explore the full potential of their banking gateway and Visa card.

The introduction of fee rebates and referral commissions as part of the tiered benefits further underscores SafePal’s user-centric approach. By rewarding users for their loyalty and participation, SafePal is not just offering a banking solution but is creating an ecosystem where users can thrive and benefit from the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. This innovative approach to banking and cryptocurrency management sets a new standard for the industry, promising a future where digital and fiat currencies coexist seamlessly.


SafePal’s launch of a crypto-friendly banking gateway and Visa card marks a significant milestone in the journey toward widespread cryptocurrency adoption. By combining the security and convenience of traditional banking with the innovative potential of digital currencies, SafePal is paving the way for a new era of financial freedom. 

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