Safe Wallet Launches Cryptocurrency Recovery Ecosystem: Safe{RecoveryHub}

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  • Safe Wallet, formerly Gnosis Safe, introduces Safe{RecoveryHub}, revolutionizing cryptocurrency wallet security. The platform initiates a waiting list, emphasizing user engagement and transparency, while anticipating the imminent launch of collaborative third-party solutions with Sygnum Bank and Coincover.
  • By establishing a waiting list, Safe Wallet actively involves users in shaping the future of digital asset management. This approach not only highlights the platform’s commitment to community engagement but also sets the stage for comprehensive solutions through upcoming collaborations, marking a transformative era in user control and security.

In a pivotal move to elevate the landscape of cryptocurrency wallet security, Safe Wallet, formerly recognized as Gnosis Safe, proudly introduces Safe{RecoveryHub}. The cutting-edge cryptocurrency recovery ecosystem is seamlessly integrated into the Safe{Wallet}, offering users an unprecedented level of control and customization in safeguarding their digital assets. The platform allows users to designate trusted ‘Recoverers,’ heralding a new era in secure and user-centric cryptocurrency storage.

At the core of the development is Safe{RecoveryHub}, a feature that empowers users to tailor their recovery solutions based on their unique preferences. Within the Safe{Wallet}, users can now designate trusted individuals or entities as ‘Recoverers,’ streamlining the process of regaining access to their wallets in unforeseen circumstances. The innovative approach not only enhances security but also places control firmly in the hands of the users, setting a new standard for cryptocurrency recovery mechanisms.

Safe Wallet’s strategic partnerships for a comprehensive recovery experience

Safe Wallet’s commitment to providing users with a comprehensive recovery experience is further underscored by strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Collaborating with Signum Bank, a prominent Swiss digital asset bank, and Coincover, a UK-based digital asset protection and insurance provider, Safe Wallet aims to enrich its recovery ecosystem. The anticipated launch of these third-party partner solutions in the first half of 2024 brings a wealth of expertise and additional layers of assurance to Safe{RecoveryHub}.

Crucially, Safe Wallet emphasizes that, even in the utilization of third-party recovery services, users retain full control over their assets. The unique architecture of Safe{RecoveryHub} ensures that users can exercise veto power over any recovery attempts at any given time, all without the necessity of sharing private key information with external parties. The dual commitment to security and user autonomy cements Safe Wallet as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency storage solutions.

Registration is open as future collaborations unfold

As Safe Wallet takes the helm in driving innovations in cryptocurrency wallet security and recovery, the platform is actively fostering a community of eager users. Recognizing the anticipation surrounding the advanced features of Safe{RecoveryHub}, the platform has introduced a waiting list, inviting users to be at the forefront of the upcoming developments. The proactive strategy not only underscores Safe Wallet’s commitment to user engagement but also serves as a testament to the platform’s transparency and inclusivity in involving its user base in shaping the future of its digital asset management.

The initiation of a waiting list goes beyond mere formality; it signifies a collaborative journey between Safe Wallet and its user community. Users who join the waiting list become more than spectators; they become integral participants in the platform’s evolution. The strategic move positions Safe Wallet as a platform that values the insights and preferences of its user base, fostering a sense of community ownership over future advancements in cryptocurrency wallet technology.

Moreover, the waiting list announcement serves as a prelude to the imminent launch of third-party partner solutions, marking a significant milestone in Safe Wallet’s trajectory. The strategic collaborations with esteemed entities like Sygnum Bank and Coincover promise to bring additional layers of expertise and comprehensive solutions to the users of Safe{RecoveryHub}. The impending introduction of these third-party solutions underlines Safe Wallet’s commitment to providing a holistic and secure digital asset management experience.


The introduction of Safe{RecoveryHub} by Safe Wallet signifies a significant leap forward in cryptocurrency wallet security and recovery capabilities. The platform’s focus on user customization, strategic collaborations with industry leaders, and unwavering commitment to user control, even in third-party engagements, positions Safe Wallet as a frontrunner in delivering a secure and user-centric cryptocurrency storage experience. As the waiting list opens, users are poised to embrace a new era of control and security in managing their digital assets.

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