Russian military raises $20M through cryptocurrency in conflict with Ukraine



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  • Cryptocurrencies have played a significant role in funding the Ukrainian and Russian armed forces during the ongoing conflict.
  • The Russian military has successfully raised over $20 million in cryptocurrencies, primarily through Bitcoin, with contributions from blacklisted sources.
  • Pro-Russian groups predominantly utilize institutionalized trading platforms, with approximately 80% of contributions made through exchanges.


In the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, cryptography has emerged as a vital tool, with millions turning to digital currencies amid collapsing fiat currencies and the looming threat of bank runs. Recent research by Elliptic, a leading blockchain analytics firm, has shed light on the extent to which cryptocurrencies have played a role in funding opposing military forces.

Surprisingly, the Ukrainian and Russian armed forces have embraced cryptocurrencies for their financial needs. While Ukraine has experienced remarkable success in this endeavor, the Russian military has also raised substantial sums through crypto in recent months.

Elliptic’s report released on June 28 shows that the Russian military has successfully raised over $20 million using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for most of these funds, with more than half of the contributions originating from sources blacklisted by the United States.

It is worth noting that before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, Russian military fundraisers had only amassed $4.2 million in cryptocurrency. In stark contrast, Ukraine has collected over $212 million in crypto payments, demonstrating its superior fundraising capabilities.

Interestingly, Elliptic highlighted a significant detail regarding how pro-Russian groups utilize their cryptocurrency donations. Most of these transactions occur through institutionalized trading platforms. Approximately 80% of all contributions are made via exchanges, underscoring the “significant risks of sanctions exposure to such services if compliance precautions are absent,” as emphasized by Elliptic.

Elliptic research found that 2.2% of all contributions follow DeFi procedures. Additionally, attempts by pro-Russian organizations to leverage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a means of fundraising have largely failed to yield substantial results.

The surge in cryptocurrency funding for Ukraine’s military showcases the resilience of digital assets in times of financial instability. As more individuals turn to cryptocurrencies, their potential impact on geopolitical conflicts becomes increasingly evident. With both positive and negative implications, the rise of crypto in warfare represents a significant shift in the dynamics of modern conflict financing.

Hence, while Ukraine celebrates its crypto triumph, the Russian military continues to exploit institutional platforms to secure funding. As the conflict persists, the implications of this cryptocurrency-driven conflict will undoubtedly shape the future of warfare finance.

Moreover, regulatory bodies and trading platforms face mounting pressure to implement effective compliance measures to mitigate the risks associated with these transactions. Consequently, the evolving landscape of crypto warfare calls for comprehensive analysis and the development of innovative solutions to address its complexities.

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