Rollbit enhances tokenomics strategy to elevate RLB token worth



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  • Rollbit introduces Buy and Burn program, enhancing the RLB tokenomics strategy.
  • The program uses daily revenues to acquire and burn RLB tokens from various platform segments.
  • The goal is to reduce token supply, boost scarcity, and increase token value.

Rollbit, the cryptocurrency gaming site, has unveiled a substantial enhancement to its tokenomics strategy, signaling a new phase for RLB tokens. In an announcement by Rollbit.com’s co-founder and active Twitter user, @Lucky_Rollbit, the platform introduced the innovative Buy and Burn program. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to redefine the dynamics of RLB tokens within the crypto gaming space.

Under this strategic move, Rollbit commits a specific portion of its daily revenues to acquiring and burning RLB tokens. Impressively, these earnings are sourced from diverse segments of the platform’s offerings, with 10% stemming from the casino, 20% from the sportsbook, and a substantial 30% from the 1000x Futures.

The primary goal of this Buy and Burn strategy is to strategically diminish the available supply of RLB tokens, thereby cultivating an environment for increased token value. The rationale behind this mechanism is straightforward: as the availability of RLB tokens dwindles, demand surges and token burns contribute to their scarcity, thus driving their value higher.

The newly implemented revenue dashboard is key to understanding RLB tokens’ evolving worth. This live tracking feature lets users gain real-time insights into Rollbit’s income stream, fostering transparency and informed decision-making among token holders.

Rollbit has also introduced a series of measures to foster a well-balanced ecosystem. The hourly updates to the revenue pool from the RLB Lottery guarantee up-to-the-minute information, instilling confidence among participants.

Moreover, a mechanism has been introduced that locks staked Rollbots for 30 days, curbing rapid liquidation and contributing to more stable token pricing.

For those who prefer a passive income stream, staking Rollbots offers an appealing avenue, providing 10% of purchased RLB tokens per hour. Additionally, the platform has set the stage for future on-chain automation of burns, a move anticipated to enhance efficiency and system transparency in the Buy and Burn framework.

To further engage the community, the RLB Lottery has been made accessible to the public at no charge. This strategic shift could amplify participation, making the lottery more accessible and enticing to a broader user base.

Consequently, these multifaceted enhancements bear significant promise for RLB token holders. The amalgamation of staking, airdrop, and liquidity mining programs extends avenues for bolstering passive income streams.

Airdrop participants, too, stand to gain by receiving complimentary RLB tokens. Rollbit’s strategic updates fortify its ecosystem and solidify its standing within the competitive crypto-gaming landscape.

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