Rochard’s interpretation of the US government’s budget sparks debate over Bitcoin’s future


  • Pierre Rochard suggests Biden’s budget hints at a $250,000 Bitcoin price by 2034-2035, sparking debate.
  • Critics like Zack Guzmán question Rochard’s interpretation, noting the budget lacks specific Bitcoin price projections.
  • Rochard defends his stance, emphasizing optimistic fiscal assumptions, and predicts a tenfold increase in US Bitcoin mining.

In a recent social media post, Pierre Rochard, Vice President of Research at Riot Platforms (NASDAQ: RIOT), ignited discussions within the cryptocurrency community with his interpretation of President Biden’s 2025 budget. Rochard suggested that the budget’s projections indicate a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, with the White House anticipating a price surge to $250,000 by 2034-2035. However, his claims have faced scrutiny and debate from various quarters.

Controversy surrounding Rochard’s analysis

Rochard’s assertion drew attention to the potential implications for Bitcoin’s future, centering around the US government’s anticipated revenue from digital asset regulation and taxation. While Rochard argued that the budget’s revenue projections indirectly support a bullish trajectory for Bitcoin, critics, including X users and financial analyst Zack Guzmán, questioned the validity of his interpretation. 

Guzmán highlighted discrepancies in Rochard’s analysis, pointing out that the White House budget does not contain specific Bitcoin price projections but focuses on potential revenue from increased regulation and taxation of digital assets in general.

In response to criticisms and clarifications, Rochard defended the analytical basis of his projections, emphasizing his intention to illustrate the optimistic fiscal assumptions regarding digital assets. 

He maintained that his graphs were created to depict the bullishness surrounding Bitcoin’s potential trajectory despite acknowledging that they were not part of the official budget documentation. Rochard also accused the White House of inflating revenue projections from digital assets to present an overly optimistic outlook.

Extrapolating Bitcoin’s future growth

Expanding on his analysis, Rochard extrapolated from the budget’s implications a scenario where the Bitcoin mining industry in the United States could experience exponential growth. He suggested that Biden’s budget hints at a tenfold increase in the US Bitcoin mining industry over the next decade, implying a substantial increase in Bitcoin’s price. Rochard attributed this growth potential to American dynamism and energy abundance.

The White House’s proposed budget outlines a series of regulatory and taxation measures aimed at the digital asset sector, intending to generate an estimated $10 billion in revenue by 2025. These measures include implementing wash trading rules, a 30% tax on crypto mining, and other regulations intended to streamline the tax treatment of digital assets and address existing loopholes.

Rochard’s interpretation of the Biden administration’s budget has sparked a broader discussion within the cryptocurrency community about the future trajectory of Bitcoin and the potential impact of government policies on its valuation. While opinions vary on the accuracy of Rochard’s analysis, his assertions have underscored the growing importance of regulatory developments and fiscal policies in shaping the digital asset landscape.

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