Bitcoin is seen as long-term digital property, not currency

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  • Bitcoin price hits $72,095, debate shifts to long-term investment.
  • Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is digital property, not currency, for wealth preservation.
  • Industry leaders endorse Bitcoin as a store of value, signaling wider acceptance.

Bitcoin (BTC) has surged to $72,095, sparking renewed interest and debate over its role in the financial landscape. Michael Saylor, chairman of MicroStrategy, has advocated for a shift in perception, urging investors to view Bitcoin less as a currency and more as a “billion-dollar building in cyberspace” to be held for generations.

The long-term investment perspective

Saylor’s remarks, made during a recent CNBC interview, emphasized a fundamental misunderstanding regarding Bitcoin’s utility. He argued that the cryptocurrency’s true value lies in its ability to preserve wealth over centuries, akin to a valuable piece of real estate. Drawing a comparison, he noted that just as wealthy individuals don’t use their prime properties as everyday currency, Bitcoin should be seen as a long-term investment vehicle rather than a means of transaction.

The distinction between Bitcoin as digital property versus a currency is crucial, according to Saylor. He believes that framing Bitcoin as a digital property aligns more accurately with its function as a store of value rather than a medium of exchange. By shifting this perspective, Saylor suggests governments and institutions, including those in the United States, Europe, and China, would be more inclined to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s superiority as a store of value

Saylor further underscored Bitcoin’s superiority as a store of value over its potential as a currency. He highlighted the vast difference in market valuation between mediums of exchange and stores of value, with Bitcoin holding the potential to reach a market cap of $100 trillion as a store of value compared to a mere $1 trillion as a medium of exchange.

Saylor’s views find resonance with other industry leaders, including BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who previously stated that Bitcoin is better suited for wealth storage than as a currency replacement. The endorsement from influential figures like Saylor and Fink bolsters the narrative of Bitcoin as a long-term investment asset rather than a currency for everyday transactions.

Despite periodic price fluctuations, Saylor remains steadfast in his conviction regarding Bitcoin’s resilience and long-term potential. He expressed confidence in Bitcoin’s ability to rebound strongly, citing it as the premier asset class with unmatched attributes. Saylor’s optimism extends to the broader acceptance of Bitcoin, anticipating a global realization of its value proposition.

Bitcoin’s current performance

At the time of publication, Bitcoin’s price stands at $72,400, marking a notable 9.3% increase over the past week and a remarkable 44.7% surge over the last month. The recent price rally reinforces the growing interest and investment in Bitcoin, further solidifying its position as a formidable asset class.

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