Ripple’s Metaco secures custody deal with BCB group


  • BCB Group is transitioning from external cryptocurrency wallets to Metaco’s digital asset custody platform.
  • The collaboration with Ripple’s Metaco and the integration of IBM Cloud’s Hyper Protect Crypto Services highlights the increasing demand for secure digital asset infrastructure.
  • Oliver Tonkin, CEO of BCB Group, emphasizes the partnership’s critical role in maintaining BCB’s leading position in the digital asset.

BCB Group, an innovator and leader in digital asset economic payment and trading activities, and Metaco, which is a global leader in the space of digital asset custody platforms, are shifting BCB Group’s electronic asset custody activities to Metaco. This deal was unveiled on Tuesday during the Metaco ceremony held in Ripple’s custody platform. The CBC Group came up its policy to boost compliance, security, and agility at the apt level.

BCB Group enhances reach with Metaco transition

BCB Group is positively improving from a wallet outside cryptocurrency to Metaco. They are in the process of discarding the delegation of custody tasks to different platforms, a move that should exponentially increase BCB Group’s market range. The main drivers is the improved operational, security and process agility especially around encryption of digital assets.

The BCB group joining Ripple Metaco in this project and the adoption of Hyper Protect Crypto Services by IBM Cloud is a sign that there is indeed a high demand for secure and more reliable infrastructure in the cryptocurrency arena. “This partnership is very important to us,” concluded Oliver Tonkin, CEO and Co-founder of BCB Group. He stated it will be instrumental in BCB remaining a distinguished player in the electronic asset ecosystem by providing efficient and secure services at the low cost.

It also endorses BCB Group’s strive for relevant regulatory licenses. Tonkin pointed out that updated infrastructure allow the E-Money Institution and Digital Assets Services Provider license to be received in France ACPR and the AMF. This implies that BCB Group complies to legal expectations when offering services.

Ripple and Metaco partnership revolutionizes remittance

Aaron Sears SVP Global Customer and Partner Success at Ripple assumes the partnership with Ripple interesting due to its prospects of changing the remittance industry. He explains Metaco’s custody of rich, agile and secure model which helps businesses to explore their advantage in the digital age. The product is already utilized alongside various other legal and secure software platforms globally, and it is likely to expand to more jurisdictions.

In May last year the Ripple company for $250 million purchased Metaco, which in their turn was transforming the services in the electronic asset management. This proposal not only manifests Ripple’s continuous pursuit of providing improved solutions to the banking sector, but this solution includes Standard Chartered Zodia Custody. Ripple proposes Metaco should take on the role of BCB Group. Since that is an electronic asset custody platform, Metaco is best.

Metaco custody platform enters the electronic asset market space – the most anticipated event in the stage of digital asset engagement for the BCB Group company. This infographic sums up a few of the main functions of enterprise processes like safety, automation, and scaling digital asset management that are dependent on digital asset management systems that depend on digitized systems.

News sourced from:https://www.bcbgroup.com/bcb-group-consolidates-custody-and-governance-of-its-digital-asset-operations-on-metaco/

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