No Ripple XRP price manipulation possible, claims Garlinghouse

Ripple XRP price manipulation is a hot topic for investors these days, but the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brad Garlinghouse claims that no one can actually in the position to do it.

Ripple’s CEO Garlinghouse was speaking during an interview on CNN International’s show “First Move” by Julia Chatterley.

During the interview, Garlinghouse gave a lot of insight into the current position and future of the Ripple payment network as well as its cryptocurrency XRP. He started off the interview with a very optimistic tone based on the fact that Ripple transactions were currently on an all-time high.

Is Ripple XRP price manipulation possible?

Towards the of the show, Garlinghouse was probed by Julia to discuss the Ripple XRP price manipulation. Even though Ripple remains to be XRP’s largest owner, no one has authorities over the regulation of its price. Not a single soul has been given the window to misuse or manipulates the worth of XRPs, expressed the Ripple chief.

During this interview, he was also asked about Libra, the cryptocurrency proposed by Facebook to which he answered suavely. He said that he appreciated healthy debates in the industry that had formed due to the hype created by Libra’s proposed currency.

He mentioned, however, that the implementation of these propositions required utmost effort and their outcome is always unpredictable. Thus early opinions about such matters should be contained. He was also seen criticizing Bitcoin in the said interview for slow and costly transactions as they weren’t user-friendly.

Julia Chatterley then mentioned how social media reacts to XRP. She brought up a tweet from which it could be extracted that a said person was threating to “fork” Ripple after dumping it.

Upon this, Julia queried if Ripple XRP could actually be forked and received a breezy-toned answer by Garlinghouse mentioning cryptocurrencies as open-sources prone to being forked if attacked, hypothetically.

Conclusively, Garlinghouse describes a trend among people who partner up to buy large amounts of cryptocurrencies such as XRP and sell them on discounted prices. He asked the regulators not to watch the world with the same rose-tinted glasses to broaden their vision regarding the industry now.