Ripple CTO David Schwartz hails XRP’s 1500% growth over 7-year span

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  • Ripple CTO predicts XRP might surpass ETH, citing 1500% volatility in 7 years.
  • XRP analyst forecasts a 57,000% price surge, contrasting past bearish trends.
  • ETFs present a promising alternative to XRP, offering the potential for higher gains.

In the midst of continuously deepening discussions about XRP performance and outlook, David Schwartz, the Ripple CTO, mentioned the possibility of a long-term increase in its value. Schwartz highlighted that with the look of things, XRP will move past ETH to become number 2 with a high volatility of over 1500% in the last seven years. When Schwartz replied to a user complaining about the losses she has made for 7 years during the town hall event, she stressed the fact that the earlier investments would have been worth more.

Schwartz’s comments are issued in the context of XRP’s troubled past story, full of sharp market volatility and a legal battle, among others, representing the alleging from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of security fraud non-registration by Ripple Lab that was initiated in December 2020. Nevertheless, XRP has not only preserved its place among the top ten cryptocurrencies by the market cap but is also one of the trendiest crypto payments.

Ripple officers, like any other, have strived to meet the regulatory requirements adopted to the ever-changing, unprecedented conditions in the digital field of currencies, thus showing a proactive attitude towards solving these problems. The firm’s Director of Government Relations is actively involved in legal and regulatory debates and, therefore, his presence in the face of the community signifies the fact that Ripple’s efforts not only reflect his desire to remodel the regulatory environment for Ripple but also for the entire cryptocurrency market.

Ripple analyst forecasts 57,000% surge in price

XRP crypto analyst Javon Marks was in the limelight for predicting an impressive 57,000% surge in Ripple’s price, which could very well take it to a price level that is unimaginable by most people at the moment with numbers as high as $288.

Mark has been using a full logarithmic analysis of XRP’s recent performances (particularly one involving parabolic runs in the 2017-2018 market) as a basis for his most recent prediction. On the other hand, although expert opinions were positive in the near future, past performance was mostly bearish, not only in meeting the targets of the various analysts but also in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.

Others have gone on to create highly optimistic projections for XRP tokens that have not come to pass, hence caution or doubt in the investors’ minds. To illustrate, if one does not understand that the prediction of $5 by April is not achieved by XRP when XRP at the highest did not surpass the $1 mark. On the contrary, Mark’s predictions do not give out an impressively bullish outlook, as some people are skeptical of investing in XRP because it underperforms against the projections.

ETFS vs. XRP: Which crypto reigns supreme?

Whereas some XRP investors and experts are thinking rather about the latest cryptos such as – ETFSwap (ETFS) that, in their opinion, have a greater capacity for soliciting profit, others remain focused on XRP considering its performance and the strategies that its authorities will employ on its future. Such tokens that are less governed by regulatory obstacles and historical burdens, in turn, are considered to be more promising in terms of prospects by many. Because of this, their comparison to the XRP cryptocurrency, which has been around for a long time, might appear to quite some people.

Investors and analysts are examining the ETFs performance, considering it is capable of providing market participants with potentially more rewards due to the fast-developing nature of the cryptocurrency world. Although XRP, the leading cryptocurrency that battles with regulatory policies and weak market prospects recorded in the past, is able to produce positive results for the investor, ETFs’ maturity has been seen as an alternative offering a new approach with greater gain for investors who can absorb emerging digital assets’ risks.

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