Ricky Schroder Advocates for Regulation of AI-Generated Pornography, Calls it a “Dangerous Tool”


  • Actor Ricky Schroder raises concerns over the rise of AI-generated pornography, labeling it as a potentially harmful development.
  • Schroder, a founding member of the Council on Pornography Reform (CPR), advocates for legislative measures to regulate AI in pornography.
  • The Reel American Heroes Foundation, spearheaded by Schroder, aligns with CPR’s goals and is producing a documentary titled “Erotic Erosion” to shed light on the societal impacts of internet pornography.

Amid growing concerns surrounding the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in various domains, actor Ricky Schroder has highlighted a particularly contentious issue—AI-generated pornography. In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Schroder expressed apprehension regarding the implications of utilizing AI to produce explicit content, deeming it a “dangerous road to go down.” His remarks underscore the broader conversation surrounding the regulation and ethical implications of AI technology, especially within sensitive domains such as adult entertainment.

Ricky Schroder’s concerns about AI-generated content and advocacy

Expressing his reservations about the burgeoning trend of AI-generated pornography, Schroder emphasized the potential dangers associated with creating explicit content that closely resembles real individuals. As a founding member of the Council on Pornography Reform (CPR), he stressed the necessity for legislative measures to control the proliferation of AI in the adult entertainment industry. Schroder’s advocacy reflects a broader push for regulatory frameworks to address the ethical and societal ramifications of AI technologies, particularly in sensitive domains such as pornography.

Schroder further elaborated on the complexities of regulating AI-generated content, highlighting the need for collaboration between industry stakeholders, lawmakers, and advocacy groups. He emphasized the importance of striking a balance between technological innovation and safeguarding against potential harms, particularly in contexts where vulnerable individuals may be exploited or misrepresented. Through CPR, Schroder seeks to raise awareness and foster dialogue on these pressing issues, advocating for comprehensive reforms to promote a safer digital landscape.

Reel American Heroes Foundation’s initiative

Aligned with CPR’s objectives, Schroder’s Reel American Heroes Foundation is actively engaged in projects aimed at promoting responsible digital content and addressing the adverse effects of internet pornography. The foundation’s forthcoming documentary, “Erotic Erosion,” delves into the societal consequences of decades of unregulated internet pornography. Through in-depth research and interviews with experts, the documentary seeks to shed light on the multifaceted impacts of excessive exposure to explicit content, ranging from psychological effects to societal attitudes towards sex and relationships.

At the same time, the Reel American Heroes Foundation endeavors to empower individuals and communities to confront the challenges posed by internet pornography through education and advocacy. By collaborating with educators, healthcare professionals, and policymakers, the foundation aims to develop proactive strategies for mitigating the negative effects of explicit content and promoting healthier attitudes towards sexuality. Through its multimedia initiatives, including films, documentaries, and television series, the foundation seeks to inspire positive social change and uphold traditional values in an increasingly digital age.

As discussions surrounding the regulation of AI-generated content continue to evolve, Ricky Schroder’s vocal advocacy serves as a catalyst for broader conversations regarding the ethical implications of emerging technologies in sensitive domains. However, amidst debates over legislative measures and regulatory frameworks, a fundamental question remains: How can society strike a balance between technological innovation and safeguarding against potential harms, particularly in the realm of adult entertainment?

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