Research Reveals Bitcoin is Rapidly Approaching 16 million British Owners Mark

Luno, the Bitcoin wallet,, has been speaking to Brits and the results are astonishing. The Sentiments Study shows that Bitcoin is rapidly approaching the 16 million mark in the United Kingdom. Luno’s Bitcoin Barometer allows data driven insight into the market that allows owners to make future investment decisions.

Current survey results estimate a 15.8 million Britishers to either own Bitcoin or are in the process. The survey; conducted with a sample size of 2000, goes on to reveal that almost 40% people are not on the crypto bandwagon owing to a lack of information.

Maya Kumar, Luno’s operation head in the UK and Ireland explained at the launch of the product that the Bitcoin Barometer was created to help people better understand the digital currency.

Survey reveals that almost one third of Britishers have already accepted cryptocurrencies as the future of currency. Another interesting fact is the need for  regulation put up by more than fifty percent of the British respondents.

The only alarming issue is the lack of information when over 40 percent people are complaining they aren’t on the bandwagon just because they don’t know enough about the cryptocurrencies. It is pretty natural not to accept something that is new and not easily comprehensible.

UK is showing great promise for cryptocurrencies for now, and Bitcoin is floating higher in the years to come. Luno carried out the survey and made a barometer out of it to make information more comprehensive for the layman.