Opera becomes the First browser to Move on to Built-in Crypto Wallet

Opera has jumped onto the crypto bandwagon with its built-in Crypto wallet feature. The announcement came through a blog post that invites users to try the new feature currently being rolled out on invite-only basis here.

The wallet currently deals tokens based on player baseball cards and the famous CryptoKitties. The official blog post explains that Opera is building towards a more blockchain studded product that is at par with the developing crypto-compatibility needs in the digital sphere.

Opera becomes the First browser to Move on to Built-in Crypto Wallet 1

Opera wallet supports ether and ERC-20 tokens. These Ethereum collectables are fun and interactive with features such as breeding the kitties.

A new feature makes Opera’s move more promising to continue to grow in the blockchain and crypto economies. Instant transaction notification would allow users to stay up to date on their crypto balance. The feature is long yearned by thousands, if not millions of users.

Opera is clearly committed, and the cryptosphere has nothing but welcoming remarks about the move. Users in the cryptosphere have always welcomed moves to ease the transition.

You couldn’t expect anything less with Chinese Bitmain holding a controlling stake in the company; some experts were predicting the move in crypto circles.

Opera has since announced a crypto wallet earlier in July and now a built-in wallet is simply an indication that more is yet to come and the more the merrier is the keyword here.

The official statement, “We (the people at Opera) plan on extending our wallet to support more cryptocurrencies and networks in the future.”