Relic Entertainment Becomes Independent After Sale by Sega Europe


  • Relic Entertainment is now independent after being sold by Sega Europe, and it is famous for RTS games like Company of Heroes 3.
  • Relic vows to keep supporting its games and surprises fans with an early release for patch 1.6.0 for Company of Heroes 3.
  • Sega’s restructuring includes 240 job cuts, but Relic sees independence as a new opportunity for growth.

An RTS developer, Relic Entertainment, situated close to Vancouver, has completely modified its ownership. Relic is known for the Company of Heroes series, which is in the second installment, and the Dawn of War sequel. 

The studio Sega Europe, the earlier parent company, is owned by another firm and is being sold due to restructuring. This marked Relic Entertainment’s return to independence. In addition to the news of Sega Europe’s layoff of 240 workers at all of its studios, as a cost-cutting measure, Sega Europe has pledged to invest in 2019 NBA 2K22, a new title.

Sega Europe restructures, Relic Entertainment goes independent

This year’s biggest games industry move was undoubtedly the sell-off of Sega Europe to Relic Entertainment, an RTS game development studio that has proven to be at the very core of the genre. Studio, dealing with developing atmospheric e-sports such as Company of Heroes 3, has become independent. 

It is further bolstered by Sega Europe’s restructuring strategy that aims to achieve job cuts in 240 positions spread across all studios. Sega’s contribution towards the development and guidance of Relic Entertainment was acknowledged, as well as its willingness to help each other mutually during the whole venture journey. Thus, it creates a sense of emotional separation when the companies part company with one another.

Even with the change in ownership, Relic Entertainment has promised its devoted players that it remains steadfast in its commitment to servicing their current RTSs and will continue to forge ahead in making new RTS games. Contrastingly, the Dispotefka studio is working towards the upcoming release of Vacuum 1.6.0, called Coral Viper, by the Company of Heroes 3. Since the initial date was set for 23 April, the update was released on 2 April, ahead of schedule, bringing the most compelling elements to the community, such as features and upgrades.

Patch 1.6.0 introduces exciting additions and improvements

The 1.6—Patch “Coral Viper”_{—­Brise de corail—­} officially commenced, bringing two new battlegroups to the game: the British Southern Sector bridging battalions group and the D.A.K Battlefield Espionage Group. As well as that, it introduces three new maps to the community and makes co-op versus AI mode more enjoyable since you can choose whatever difficulty you like; besides, the new option to surrender when you cannot win and an automatic cool-down time has also been added. Also, mission choice was integrated into the gameplay to immerse players deeper into the game’s strategic mode.

The buyout of Sega’s Relic Entertainment shares and entity establishment of the new holding company by Emona Capital, a London-based investment company, indicates the growingly intricate financial manipulation within the gaming industry landscape. Following Sega’s cancelation of their FPS game Hynas, when more than 250 employees of Creative Assembly were laid off, this news is no surprise either.

The independence of the latest edition of Relic Entertainment – from its humble beginnings in the 90s – is the sign of a crucial turning point in the studio’s almost four-decade-old story. Of course, with the auto operator filling the squadron, the fleet master would worry and hire to a degree.

Now, when Sega Europe stops owning Relic, it marks a new point in the history of a company known for its brilliance. With players from across the globe bound to the discernment of the release date of patch 1.6.0 for Company of Heroes 3, no doubt, we, as developers, remain unequivocal in our resolve to deliver games of high quality.

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