Reddit crypto community axe moderators accused of insider trading


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  • The Reddit crypto community has axed the moderators accused of carrying out insider trading.
  • The r/CryptoCurrency community and the future of the MOON tokens.

The r/CryptoCurrency community on Reddit, boasting 6.9 million users, recently experienced a controversial upheaval. The drama unfolded when it was discovered that some of the subreddit’s moderators had traded its native token, MOON, just minutes before it announced the discontinuation of its “Community Points” program.

Reddit moderators accused of insider trading

The Community Points program, based on blockchain technology, was designed to reward content creators and developers with internet points. Users could earn and spend these points through native tokens like MOON. However, the platform cited scalability issues as the reason for shutting down the program. Approximately 30 minutes before the announcement, moderators, who were privy to the impending news, sold a significant amount of MOON tokens. This insider trading included the sale of 456,353 MOON, valued at $92,000 at the time, according to data tracked by Lookonchain.

Another substantial amount of 363,227 MOON tokens hit the market just two minutes before the official announcement, intensifying the selling pressure. MOON is an ERC-20 token distributed as a reward to users for their contributions to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. Users can freely trade, tip, or spend MOON tokens within the community. However, following the Reddit announcement, the token’s value plummeted by over 85%, dropping to $0.0198. It was revealed that moderators had been informed of Reddit’s decision one hour before the announcement, which was made on the r/CryptoCurrencyMoons subreddit.

This incident brought to light the difficulties in regulating cryptocurrency markets, as it left many investors and users infuriated. The revelation of insider trading prompted strong reactions within the investor community. Some called for regulatory action against the moderators involved, while others questioned Reddit’s decision to provide advance notice to the moderators. Some Reddit users voiced their concerns, with one individual stating that those who sold before the announcement should be reported to the SEC. The users also clarified that removing oneself isn’t an acceptable outcome for insider trading.

The r/Cryptocurrency community and the future of the MOON tokens

Another user in the community opined that at least everyone would have been on the same playing field if Reddit just blindsided everyone, including the moderators. In the wake of these events, the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit began contemplating the future of the MOON token. A proposal was put forward by u/mellon98, a core contributor and founder of MoonsDust, and the community started brainstorming about the token’s fate. They await Reddit’s decision regarding whether to transfer the contract to the community or a burn address. Despite the controversy, it appears that MOON tokens will remain a part of the subreddit’s ecosystem.

The incident within the r/CryptoCurrency community underscores the challenges associated with cryptocurrency markets, especially concerning transparency, insider trading, and the governance of decentralized digital assets. It serves as a reminder that the cryptocurrency space is still evolving and facing regulatory and ethical dilemmas as it gains mainstream attention. While Reddit’s decision to inform moderators in advance may have been intended to maintain transparency and prevent panic selling, it ultimately raised questions about fairness and insider trading.

This situation may prompt further discussions about the responsibilities of moderators in cryptocurrency communities and the need for clearer guidelines and regulations. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to grow and mature, instances like the one within the r/CryptoCurrency community highlight the importance of transparency, fairness, and accountability to maintain the trust of users and investors. Cryptocurrency communities and platforms will likely need to adapt and establish clearer protocols to address potential conflicts of interest and maintain the integrity of their ecosystems.

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