Red Dead Redemption 2 Actor Says AI Will “Unavoidably” Replace Some Game Actors


  • Roger Clark, who voiced Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, believes AI will replace some video game voice actors.
  • He acknowledges the potential benefits of AI but criticises its unethical use, like copying existing actors’ work.
  • Clark emphasises the value of human actors in bringing originality and fostering player connection.

Roger Clark, the actor popularly known for voicing the Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan, has said that AI will replace some voice actors in video games.

In an interview published Monday, Clark said the use of AI in the gaming industry is unarguable, and that could see some, but not all, voice actors in the gaming scene replaced by the technology. 

Clark Says Some AI Uses Can be “Incredibly Immoral”

“It is going to replace some. I think that’s unavoidable. I don’t think it will completely replace actors,” Clark said. “It pains me to say it, but I think it’s an unavoidable truth. For selfish reasons, I just want to keep working, you know?”

The Irish-American actor also spoke on the potential of the technology, saying there are many applications for AI that can benefit video game companies. However, he added that some uses can be “incredibly immoral.”

“What I have a problem with is when it’s being used to copy what’s already been done before. If you can’t hire Troy Baker and you just get an AI program to have him say whatever you want to say, I find that incredibly immoral,” Clark said.

Why AI Won’t Completely Replace Video Game Actors

While AI may have the potential to take on some roles in the gaming industry in the future, the human element that the real actors bring remains superior and a valuable resource, according to Clark.

“I still think the humanity aspect that people bring to the table is superior, especially when it comes to something new,” Clark added. “AI is getting better by the day, but it’s still just recreating. It’s just doing what’s been done before in a different version.”

Clark said fans and players would also have more respect and regard for performances and may be able to connect with a game narrative better, knowing an actual person rather than an AI program created it. 

“And although gaming has nowhere near the same star structure as film or TV, there are still a lot of people who really do… oh, gosh, Troy Baker is in a new game, let’s check it out. Or, Yuri Lowenthal is awesome, let’s see what he’s doing this time,” Clark continued. “I still think there is something for that.”

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