Recycleye Receives FANUC Award for Innovation and Extends Exclusive Robot Partnership


  • Recycleye, a leader in AI-powered robotic waste picking technology, receives a prestigious award at the FANUC Global Partner Awards.
  • FANUC UK extends its exclusive partnership with Recycleye, reaffirming the company’s position as the sole UK recipient of FANUC robot supplies for recycling applications.
  • Recycleye’s innovative technology, combining AI vision and FANUC robots, significantly improves sorting accuracy and addresses labor shortages in the waste management industry.

London-based AI-powered robotic waste picking company, Recycleye, has been recognized for its outstanding innovation at the FANUC Global Partner Awards in Japan, solidifying its position as a leader in the waste management industry. The prestigious award was presented to Peter Hedley, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Recycleye, in acknowledgment of the company’s remarkable journey from a startup with just four members to a European leader in AI/robotic waste picking technology in just four years.

FANUC UK, a key strategic partner since Recycleye’s inception, has not only recognized the company’s achievements on an international stage but has also extended its exclusive partnership agreement with the innovative tech firm. This extension reaffirms Recycleye’s position as the sole UK recipient of FANUC UK’s robot supplies for recycling applications. Furthermore, the extended partnership ensures ongoing commercial and technical support from FANUC as Recycleye continues its growth and development trajectory.

Revolutionizing the waste sector with AI and robotics

Recycleye’s groundbreaking technology combines proprietary AI vision technology with FANUC 6-axis LR Mate robots, resulting in a system that significantly enhances sorting accuracy by up to 12% and increases line output by up to 10%. This transformative technology addresses the challenges faced by waste operators, including labor shortages, while simultaneously bolstering their bottom line. 

Recycleye’s installed base now spans across the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, with over 25 systems in operation. Their innovative approach automates the detection and sorting of mixed recyclables, playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the waste management sector.

Rapid retrofitting and commitment to innovation

One of the key factors contributing to Recycleye’s success is the system’s ability to be rapidly retrofitted into existing waste facilities. This adaptability allows waste operators to embrace cutting-edge technology without extensive infrastructure overhaul, making the transition to automation more accessible and cost-effective.

At the FANUC Global Partner Awards, Recycleye was commended not only for its groundbreaking technology but also for its unwavering commitment to innovation. In just four years, the company has transformed from a startup into a recognized leader in AI waste sortation, a testament to its dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the waste management industry.

Strong partnership for a sustainable future

Oliver Selby, Head of Sales at FANUC UK, emphasized the positive impact of Recycleye’s technology on the waste sector. By combining FANUC’s LR Mate robots and iRPickTool visual line tracking technology with Recycleye’s proprietary AI-driven vision system, the Recycleye Robotics system improves sorting accuracy and increases purity, all while addressing the pressing issue of labor shortages in the waste sector.

Selby reaffirmed FANUC UK’s unwavering commitment to this partnership, highlighting their delight in re-signing an exclusivity deal with Recycleye. This reaffirms the continued collaboration between the two companies and their shared goal of providing materials recycling facilities with an automated alternative to traditional sorting methods, thus contributing to a more sustainable and futureproof waste management industry.

Recycleye’s achievement at the FANUC Global Partner Awards underscores the company’s remarkable journey and its groundbreaking contributions to the waste management industry. The extension of its exclusive partnership with FANUC UK signifies the continued support and commitment to the growth and development of Recycleye’s innovative technology.

This partnership between Recycleye and FANUC is not only a testament to the success of their collaboration but also a promising step towards a more sustainable and efficient waste management future.

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