Ransomware attackers send bomb threat emails in Austria, demand ransom in bitcoins

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Austrian police have announced that bomb threats via email have been sent to businesses with reports claiming attackers demand ransom in bitcoins.

In the announcement released by the Austrian police, the threat emails were sent to businesses and investments located around Austria. 

Presently, police have no idea of a specific location where the bombing might be carried out since the bombers have touched businesses in all states of the country. 

Police said they have been called on by numerous companies in the capital, Vienna, and in Tyrol but have not been able to discover any bombs in the region. The cyber criminals, however, told the businesses that they want $20,000 ransom in bitcoins so as not to carry out the attacks.

Police warn investments not to put any ransom in bitcoins to bombers

Presently, police have warned people to stop panicking and have officially stopped attending to reports of the email threats. 

Furthermore, they have asked businesses and investments to ignore the threats and not pay any ransom in bitcoins to the bombers but continue their usual businesses. 

Another interesting twist to the report states that the bombers gave out specific information on how the Bitcoins should be bought and sent. In the email, the bombers claimed that they were trying to make everything easy for the businesses.

Bitcoin has been branded the ‘crime tool’

In the email, the bombers further told the businesses who could afford the ransom in bitcoins that they will continue to pay even if they meet the 80 hours deadline. The thieves warned them that the bomb was still very much around and could be triggered at any time. 

Bitcoin has earned the nickname the ‘crime tool’ after it is often being used to perpetrate evil. Illegal activities ranging from malware attacks to kidnapping and money laundering have seen Bitcoin facilitate payments. 

Police in Austria claimed that demands for ransom in Bitcoins hit a new high record in 2019 after around 1,900 businesses reported threats with Bitcoin to be paid as ransom.

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