The Current State and Future Prospects of Web3 Gaming: A Critical Analysis


  • Web3 gaming struggles with labor-like Play-2-Earn, needing more fun-focused play.
  • Success stories like Axie Infinity show the need for sustainable gameplay over just profits.
  • Future Web3 gaming hinges on mixing financial gains with enjoyable experiences.

Web3 gaming has become a substantial area for the transition, and with the increasing momentum of blockchain technology and gaming, the scenario of Web3 gaming stands at the edge today. 

With large crowds of gamers rushing in for sensors like Play-2-Earn and GameFi, the gaming industry’s transfiguration accuracy is cross-examined. This essay focuses on Web3 gaming currently and the different routes it will take in the future, highlighting specific aspects in which this is happening.

Web3 gaming: Play-2-earn or play-for-pleasure?

Play-to-earn games are famous today because many peers are attracted to the core users from economically disadvantaged age brackets. Approaching the subject from a different angle, more and more workers have to play online to make ends meet for themselves and their families, which raises questions about long-lasting scenarios. 

GMs who are loyal and addicted to the gameplay for the sake of the entertainment they get and not because of financial gain. Therefore, the need for true engagement quality in Web3 online gaming should be regarded as what will usher in the development of the said gaming.

While Axie Infinity was in the spotlight in all newspapers in the beginning, nowadays, with the given to transient nature of metrics and the profit motives of the majority, you can see how deep the question is. 

Many play-to-earn models are very much like mobile games; they attract a lot of users to play their games during their launch and boast even great purchase percentages, but retention beyond the reward of financial incentives becomes scarce for many. In this context, the need for highly engaging gameplay becomes impossible to ignore as these metrics consistently decline and the user base shrinks.

Toward a new horizon: Innovations and opportunities

Empathy notwithstanding, the core of Web3 gaming implies an outcome that goes far beyond mere financial benefits. The high-quality AA games represented by Shrapnel and Illuvium are noteworthy in this development, and the completely on-chain games Dark Forest and The Citadel all point to various approaches. 

Sponsoring popular video games by designing platform-enhancing, crypto-centered in-game mechanics may become the driving force of mass crypto acceptance. Yet, the journey demands a ruthless battle between these two approaches- innovativeness and user-friendliness.

With Web3 gaming being a new frontier, it becomes mandatory to have an analytical approach to studying it where its current situation and emerging issues are outlined. Although Play-2 Earn models are the hottest in the industry, they have yet to prove their sustainability. Only if gaming turns into a great fun player to come back for. 

On the one hand, we see the rise and fall of Web3 giants, while on the other, there is an expectation of ground-breaking AAA projects and a future where games are completely blockchain-based. This, however, brings uncertainty as to the direction of Web3 gaming. Being involved in reshaping the current environment marked by the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming, the stakeholders stand a chance to transform the entertainment system that might last for quite a long time.

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